Photo-a-day challenge

Whenever someone on my FB timeline or Twitter feed post a photo with lots of hashtags, I got curious what is it for. Then I read Mauie of The 24 Hour Mommy’s post that she joined a photo a day challenge on Instagram. I love Instagram and I think it’s exciting to join a challenge too. So I’m hopping in for May.

#photoadayMay challenge list

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New tech blog

I’m sorry for the lack of updates here, especially food reviews although I swear, I had a lot of food photos and reviews to post. I’m just busy setting up our new site, Jeff and I started a tech blog,

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Tips before buying groupons

Groupons or group buying sites became a hit this year, and the list of groupon sites or group buying sites are increasing. Who would resist a 50% off deal from a posh hotel, a fancy restaurant, a travel deal, etc.? I am registered with plenty of group buying sites too, CashCashPinoy, Ensogo,, Deal Dozen, Deal Grocer, even Ebay has Ebay Kuponan. I get pumped up just by receiving their emails in my inbox everyday and how much I can save if I availed of the deals. I got groupon crazy, I bought deals right away, sometimes buying two coupons for that deal. Blame it on my Gcash wallet and Paypal, I have enough “virtual” funds from both that it’s very easy to just buy online with a few clicks.

But can groupons really provide savings? Or it’s just a false economy? I’ve had my share of expired and unused groupons because I realized that it’s too far and I’m too lazy to find a hidden establishment in Makati. The 2 vouchers from Shui Hilot Spa also expired because they can only accommodate me during their off-peak hours, and that’s the time I’m at work. I learned my lesson and managed to keep my groupon buying at a minimum.

Here are some tips before buying those irresistible deals online:

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TV5, MMDA launches Metro Manila Traffic Navigator

Few weeks ago, I was invited to the launch of Metro Manila Traffic Navigator. A joint project of TV5 and MMDA to provide public service to the people. TV5 hooked up with MMDA to tap to the MMDA Metrobase to come up with a traffic monitoring system. The Metro Manila Traffic Navigator is the first ever digitized traffic information system that helps inform motorists and commuters of the traffic situation along major roads in Metro Manila. And unlike other government agencies with un-updated websites, the Metro Manila Traffic Navigator gets updated every 5 to 15 minutes.

Paolo Bediones and Cherie Mercado at the launch of Metro Manila Traffic Navigator

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Geocaching – a high-tech treasure hunt game

I love treasure hunts, I get a different high and a sense of accomplishment whenever I’m Easter egg hunting. Whenever I play games in my computer, it’s some sort of a hunt or a puzzle game. So when I came across geocaching and that it’s a high-tech treasure hunt game, I immediately googled if there’s geocaching in the Philippines. There were some but not that popular unlike in other countries.

Since geocaching is high-tech, I need a GPS to play. Our officemate has a Garmin that he uses in running, he said the source has geocaching outdoor gadgets that I can check out.

So what will you get from geocaching? Just like treasure hunting, you will look for a geocache, a geocache is like a treasure box that may be filled with toys, coins or any knick-knacks that another geocacher placed. It’s one great outdoor activity, and the best thing is that you can play anywhere in the world and interact with other players.


The Sims Social: The Sims conquers Facebook

Look who’s going to socialize in Facebook? The Sims Social will be launching soon on Facebook. Move out Farmville,, Cityville, Yoville and the likes. Honestly, I’m a Sims junkie and this is my secret diet back in college, I would sit in front of the computer for hours playing The Sims without eating, that’s why I’m thin! I never played any Facebook games since Restaurant City and Farmville, but The Sims Social will pull me back to my old habit.

The Sims Social on Facebook

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