Photo-a-day challenge

Whenever someone on my FB timeline or Twitter feed post a photo with lots of hashtags, I got curious what is it for. Then I read Mauie of The 24 Hour Mommy’s post that she joined a photo a day challenge on Instagram. I love Instagram and I think it’s exciting to join a challenge too. So I’m hopping in for May.

#photoadayMay challenge list

Why don’t you join too? It doesn’t need rocket science or any jet machinery to join. All you need is a camera and upload on Twitter/FB/Instagram/Flickr/Tumblr or whatever social networks you have. Follow the theme for the day and make sure to use the hashtag for the month of May, #photoadayMay.

For Day 1, theme is Peace. I just snapped some peace prints, used a filter on Instagram and put a caption together with the hashtag. I know, I’ll try to be creative next time.

#photoadayMay Day 1: #Peace prints on my Roxy shorts.

Geez, I hope I can carry on till end of the month.

Follow me on Instagram too, badudets.


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