Android App: Fruit Ninja

I’m a kid at heart, I get easily addicted to computer games like The Sims. I’m so hooked I don’t want to stand in front of my PC to eat or do chores. When Facebook came, there’s Restaurant City and Farmville. After that, I veered away from all those requests from FB for me to be productive at work.

Until I got myself a Samsung Galaxy Ace last year, there came a point that my phone is no longer used as a phone but for gaming purposes, lol! My first game installed was Angry Birds. After that, I tried other games like puzzles, arcades, war games like Gears of War 3 in Xbox, etc…

Fruit Ninja for Android

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The Sims Social: The Sims conquers Facebook

Look who’s going to socialize in Facebook? The Sims Social will be launching soon on Facebook. Move out Farmville,, Cityville, Yoville and the likes. Honestly, I’m a Sims junkie and this is my secret diet back in college, I would sit in front of the computer for hours playing The Sims without eating, that’s why I’m thin! I never played any Facebook games since Restaurant City and Farmville, but The Sims Social will pull me back to my old habit.

The Sims Social on Facebook

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