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Singapore is close to my heart because this is the second country I’ve been since I started traveling. It’s also Gwen’s first international trip when she was 7 months old. Singapore makes an impact right after you step out of the plane. They really mean it when Singapore Changi Airport is recognized as one of the most awarded airport in the world. On my next visit, I plan to explore the airport so I’ll allow plenty of time before my flight.

Nature & Gardens Terminal 3 Transit - Worlds first Butterfly Garden in an airport

Nature & Gardens Terminal 3 Transit – Worlds first Butterfly Garden in an airport

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Ikea chocolates

A food discovery this good deserves a spotlight. I first picked up just 3 pieces of these right after I paid for my purchases at Ikea. Good thing my friend, Janet, also bought 2 bars and opened it for us to taste. Jeff liked the taste and gave me a go signal to hoard, yipeee! For you info, Jeff is like a police whenever I buy chocolates, I always end up buying too little sweets when he’s around, hehehe.

Ikea Chocolates

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Ikea Restaurant and Cafe

When we visited Ikea at Causeway Bay in Hong Kong, we thought that Ikea food is all about their famed Swedish meatballs. So when I saw the humongous Ikea restaurant in Singapore, I got too excited I almost forgot that Ikea is a furniture/home store and not mainly a restaurant. The yummy and affordable Ikea food is just a bonus…

Ikea Singapore menu

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Roti Prata in Singapore

Roti Prata is Singapore’s version of an Indian dish called “paratha”. Roti Prata is a popular breakfast dish among Singaporeans. In a hawker centre in Simei, there are about two or three stores selling Roti Prata and people line up to get their hot prata.

Roti means bread and Prata means flat, hence a flat bread. I remember the yummy smell of butter…

Roti Prata in Singapore

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Singapore shopping: Charles & Keith

I saw a Charles & Keith shop at Ion Orchard Mall with a large sale sign. Who couldn’t resist? Besides, my friend said that Charles & Keith in Singapore is more like an ordinary brand there, so it’s cheaper. As much as I wanted to buy 2 bags or a pair of shoes, I’m considering the lack of space in our luggage already. So one bag is enough…

Charles & Keith bag

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Singapore is bike-friendly

It’s no secret that my husband is an outdoorsy type of person, he loves mountain climbing, running and his present hobby, biking. He bought a mountain bike as a birthday gift for himself last year. Unfortunately, save for 1 or 2 biking activities he joined like the Tour of the Fireflies, he still can’t maximize the use of his bike. One reason is that we still don’t have a yakima bike rack that lets us bring the bike somewhere far where bike trails are abundant like Laguna or Rizal. Another reason is that our roads and sidestreets are not bike-friendly. So when we went to Singapore, he’s green with envy with plenty of bikers around and wished that Manila will be the same. We saw plenty of folding bikes there.

bikes in Singapore

Plenty of parked bikes can be found beside MRT stations and malls. Bikes are one mode of transportation of Singaporeans, less traffic and less pollution.

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