4 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing RV Rental Companies in Washington

A lot of people dream about taking a long and amazing trip with their family in order to sort of recharge their batteries and create some great memories along the way. When they start dreaming about this, most of those people realize that taking an RV trip would be the best solution for them. There are undeniably a lot of benefits to doing this and you can learn about some of those on this page.

rv rental companies

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Perfect Place for Christmas Vacation in Cebu City

One of the reasons why Cebu is such a popular vacation destination is that it has something for everyone, no matter what kind of tourist you are. It has beaches for those who would like to spend their break getting their feet in sand. There are cultural tours that would fascinate those who are into Philippine history, religion and art. It is also famous for its cuisine which attracts gourmands and foodies alike. And if you are into festivals and fiestas, some of the grandest, biggest and most-awaited are also held in Cebu.

And if that’s not enough, Cebu is also a great place to spend your Christmas vacation in, precisely because of the reasons above. Each and every family has their own Christmas traditions, whether its opening the gifts together, what kind of food should be served, what they should do and where to spend it. If traveling during Christmas is your thing, Cebu just might be the perfect destination for you.

Ask those who live in Cebu, and they will tell you how lovely Christmas can be. There are Christmas attractions such as the giant Christmas Tree in Fuente Osmena Circle and the Symphony of Lights in Ayala Terraces. You can also visit holiday theme parks such as the Anjo World Theme Park and Snow World Cebu. It is also possible to have a quiet family seaside Christmas, such as the kind those living in Corona Del Mar enjoy. Located in Talisay, Cebu and developed by Filinvest Land, spending Christmas here is probably the most intimate kind of Christmas you can have in Cebu — just you and your family at home, enjoying fabulous views of the sea and horizon while completely feeling the holiday spirit.

corona del mar cebu

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Kiddie Fun and Amusement Parks in Cebu City

Being a highly urbanized locale, visitors to this island can check out 5 amusement parks in Cebu City for family bonding.

Does a trip to Cebu always have to be about sand and surf? For those wanting other options that are kid friendly, there are 5 amusement parks in Cebu City for family bonding.

Kiddie Fun and Amusement Parks in Cebu City

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Tourism Promotions Board Philippines supports Get Global Exhibition in Australia

The Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) Philippines, the marketing arm of the Department of Tourism (DOT), as part of its strategic thrust to strengthen its Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Exhibitions (MICE) campaign, supports Get Global – Where the World Meets, an industry exhibition in Australia at the International Convention Center (ICC) Sydney.

TPB_TPB supports Get Global Exhibition in Australia_photo
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Camping Sites to Explore in the Philippines

Have you ever tried camping or just thinking to plan one with your family and friends this year? Well, it doesn’t matter. For sure, you haven’t visited all of the camping and glamping sites here in the country. There’s just a lot of wonderful places to go to! Continue reading this article, start packing your bags, and bring everything you think you’ll need as you leave your house for a temporary home outdoor. 

camping sites in the philippines
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Traveling to Tacloban Soon? Here’s a Quick Primer on the City

With the many fare promotions here and there this summer, you probably think you’ve been to almost all the cities in the country. But, have you been to Tacloban City, though? Did you even know it is the regional center of Eastern Visayas? Well, it also has much to offer when it comes to beaches, nature, and food, so you may want to add it to your list. Read on to know more about Tacloban and the many reasons you need to go pack, leave your house now, and see it for yourself!

A little bit of history

Based on the 2015 census, there are 242,089 people living in Tacloban City and making it the most populous city in Eastern Visayas. Historically, it was the capital of the country for a brief period from October 1944 to February 1945. The destruction made to the city by Typhoon Yolanda not so long ago was all over the news, do you remember? 

Good thing, Tacloban has recovered thanks to the naturally strong Filipino spirit and donations from compassionate brothers and sisters all over the world. It’s now back to being one of the most beautiful cities in the Visayas and the whole country.

What you’ll see

Let’s start with some of the historical places the city offers. When in Tacloban, it is mandatory to cross the San Juanico Bridge and enjoy the scenery. Why not go live on Facebook and Instagram while crossing in this long bridge that connects Samar and Leyte? You can also cross with your bike or even more intense, run. There’s a lane for it – another item to add to your list of things to try, indeed.

What to remember

Now, let’s go to that place where General Douglas MacArthur promised “I shall return” and did fulfill it. The original statues built at the park was destroyed by Typhoon Yolanda, yet immediately restored. Amazing to stand where it all exactly happened, right? When you’re in Tacloban specifically at The MacArthur Landing Memorial Park, stand in front of MacArthur’s team and imagine they’re walking towards you. If it doesn’t make you nostalgic, I don’t know what else can.

Other tourist spots you may also enjoy include the San Juanico Park Golf and Country Club for the 18-hole course found in the north and Balyu-an Amphitheater that feature the best shows. As for Calvary Hill, it features really large statues of Jesus Christ and other religious personalities. You may stroll there or see the Sto. Nino Shrine and Heritage Museum.

Festivals to watch

Celebrations represent the city. If you want to witness a festival when you visit the city, go and see the Sangyaw Festival – a religious and socio-cultural event in the country. Recently, it was revived in 2008 by the city government of Tacloban, Philippines. Wonder what Sangyaw means? It is “to herald news” in Waray language. 

Here comes the beach

For most people and tourists, no trip is ever complete without going to the beach. Especially because the beaches in the country is far more outstanding than the rest in the world. The foreigners make sure that they’ve swum to as many Philippine beaches as possible. Among your options include San Pablo Beach, Tangkaan Beach, and Bituon Beach if you’re planning to indulge in some vitamin sea soon. 

You may also want to go to the small paradise of Canigao Island in Matalom, Leyte. Once knows as the fishermen’s sanctuary in Matalom, it became a tourist destination in 2005. Are you Team 1: beach bum in the powdery white sand, or Team 2: down to snorkel to see the underwater world. Why not both?

Various festival participants from different parts of the country participate in this tribal procession. The Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival is a merry-making event lasting a whole month, highlights of which include the Leyte Kasadyaan Festival of Festivals. Also the 17th Pintados Festival Ritual Dance Presentation, as well as the “Pagrayhak” Grand Parade.

So how do you get to Tacloban? From Manila, you can book a flight to Tacloban aka “The Gateway to Eastern Visayas” through the major airlines. Another way is to travel by ferry for approximately 36 hours. You may want to bring a friend with you to keep you sane if choose the latter, though. Enjoy Tacloban City!

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