What to give to a man who has everything?

This is a sponsored post by Groupon but all opinions and views are mine.

My husband, Jeff’s birthday is on Monday. We will be spending his birthday out of town with some friends so I’m looking forward for the weekend. We both don’t like surprises when it comes to giving each other gifts whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, or any special occasion. Sometimes, we just go to the mall, choose whatever we like, and pay for the item.

I feel that Jeff deserves a gift this time because he’s extra hardworking and he’s a good provider to us. A little something for my man to make him extra special is nice, right? But how can I buy a surprise gift when we’re always together and I can’t sneak in to go to the mall???

Well, thanks to online shopping. I can look for Groupon goods for gifts without him knowing. But what can you give to a man who has everything? He is a very simple man and he just wants a few necessary items, he is not into extravagant and luxurious items, and lastly he prefers practical and functional items.

OnTek Water-Resistant Bluetooth Shower Speaker with Mic and Controls – This is cool because Jeff loves adventure and a music-lover too.

groupon speaker

1-, 3-, or 4-Outlet and Dual-USB Wall Charging Station – We love to travel and this will eliminate bringing a lot of adapters.

groupon outlet

Sonic Edge Extended Charge Toothbrush with 4 Heads – An electric toothbrush is something you don’t think you need but can’t leave without once you have it.

groupon toothbrush

POM Gear Pro2Go B100 Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Earbuds with Inline Mic – Jeff can use this while running.

groupon earbuds

Now, that I narrowed it down to 4, can you help me choose what to finally order in Groupon?

Tips before buying groupons

Groupons or group buying sites became a hit this year, and the list of groupon sites or group buying sites are increasing. Who would resist a 50% off deal from a posh hotel, a fancy restaurant, a travel deal, etc.? I am registered with plenty of group buying sites too, CashCashPinoy, Ensogo, Awesome.ph, Deal Dozen, Deal Grocer, even Ebay has Ebay Kuponan. I get pumped up just by receiving their emails in my inbox everyday and how much I can save if I availed of the deals. I got groupon crazy, I bought deals right away, sometimes buying two coupons for that deal. Blame it on my Gcash wallet and Paypal, I have enough “virtual” funds from both that it’s very easy to just buy online with a few clicks.

But can groupons really provide savings? Or it’s just a false economy? I’ve had my share of expired and unused groupons because I realized that it’s too far and I’m too lazy to find a hidden establishment in Makati. The 2 vouchers from Shui Hilot Spa also expired because they can only accommodate me during their off-peak hours, and that’s the time I’m at work. I learned my lesson and managed to keep my groupon buying at a minimum.

Here are some tips before buying those irresistible deals online:

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Groupon is love

Ever heard of groupons? In the US, they have this thing going on for quite some time but in the Philippines, it only started last year. Groupon or group coupons offers amazing deals giving 20% to 90% discounts to restaurants, clothing, services and spa deals. The groupon sites partners with different establishments to get deals at a wholesale/lower price. This is advantageous to business owners in promoting their businesses and also to groupon buyers like me. No need for a cash advance just to eat at a fine dining restaurant or get a massage. I always check out restaurant and spa deals in these groupon websites, but they also offer discounts on photography services, clothing, hotel rooms, etc…



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