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I’m sorry for the lack of updates here, especially food reviews although I swear, I had a lot of food photos and reviews to post. I’m just busy setting up our new site, Jeff and I started a tech blog,

There isn’t much to read yet, it’s barely 3 months old. Jeff is the one who knows gadgets, I just use whatever’s available, hehe. In this blog, he will be in charge of the photos. I suck at reviews though but our tech blog will just provide views and opinions of gadgets that a family uses.

I hope you’ll take time to visit the site once it’s fully loaded with write-ups on the latest phones, digital cameras, Tablet with HDMI, camera accessories, laptops and other gears.


  1. Wow another blog!!! Ako di ko keri ang tech blog mag no nosebleed ako 🙂


    Badet Reply:

    Hindi ko rin kaya magreview, more on kwento lang sa mga gadgets =)


  2. Lalo na ako, di ko carry yan haha! I don’t even know how to operate my cellphone fully LOL!


  3. ang mga mommies, di carry maging techie. lalo naman ako, maturingang IT graduate pero hirap mag explain ng techie terms LOL.


    Mitchteryosa Reply:

    Siguro dahil diverted na tayong mga mommies sa ibang bagay.


  4. good to know that you have a new site.. a tech blog,, gudluck and I wish for your best..


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