Beyond the Waist Trainer: Unveiling the Diverse of Shapewear

Waist trainers keep becoming more popular. Many fitness enthusiasts and celebrities are now endorsing them and their benefits. But if we only focus on waist trainers we are diminishing the whole world of shapewear.

The shapewear industry has had a significant evolution. Now it offers a wide variety of garments, like wholesale waist trainers, that have been designed to support and enhance the body. This is such a diverse world that we believe it’s important to explore and that goes beyond the traditional waist trainers.

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Watsons volunteer moms bring their compassionate hearts and healing hands to communities through their dedicated volunteer work

It takes a village to mount a Watsons Alagang Pangkalusugan medical mission. There are volunteer doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel. Watsons also invites supplier partners to donate medicines and medical supplies and witness the work being done in the communities. Then there are the Watsons employee volunteers who use their days off to give back instead of resting and spending time with their families.

Watsons Alagang Pangkalusugan

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Say Aloha to the NEW Kenny Rogers Roasters’ Hawaiian Roast

If there is one flavor that embodies the essence of tropical bliss, pineapple is definitely a top choice. Sweet and savory, this healthy fruit can truly satisfy our taste buds. Now, Kenny Rogers Roasters wants to capture the sweet and savory flavors with the introduction of its newest offering, the Hawaiian Roast!

Kenny Rogers Roasters_Say Aloha to the NEW Kenny Rogers Roasters' Hawaiian Roast_photo1

Kenny Rogers Hawaiian Roast

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Celebrate mom’s blooming beauty this Mother’s Day at Ortigas Malls

Our moms deserve to look and feel beautiful. This Mother’s Day, May 12, Ortigas Malls has prepared a variety of events and activities that celebrate moms’ blooming beauty. From live musical performances to fulfilling workshops, here’s where you can take mom for a much-needed family date:



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A Sanctuary for Rest: Your Mothers’ Day Retreat Awaits at Nawa Wellness

This Mother’s Day, discover the perfect place for retreat and relaxation at Nawa Wellness.  Located only 3 hours away from Metro Manila in the tranquil mountainside of Calatagan, Batangas, Nawa Wellness is your oasis for rest and inner peace.

Nawa Wellness Pool

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Peach Perfect! This New C2 Drink Bursts with Flavors of Sweet Black Tea and Fruity Peach

Feeling the summer sizzle? Beat the heat with a new delicious drink that can help keep you refreshed, tantalize your taste buds, and leave you feeling absolutely peachy.

 C2 Cool & Clean has a wide range of refreshing and delicious tea-based drinks that make for a quick yet delightful pick-me-up. Recently, the well-loved beverage brand introduced C2 Black Tea Peach, a refreshingly light drink you can enjoy this summer.

C2 Black Tea Peach

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