Peach Perfect! This New C2 Drink Bursts with Flavors of Sweet Black Tea and Fruity Peach

Feeling the summer sizzle? Beat the heat with a new delicious drink that can help keep you refreshed, tantalize your taste buds, and leave you feeling absolutely peachy.

 C2 Cool & Clean has a wide range of refreshing and delicious tea-based drinks that make for a quick yet delightful pick-me-up. Recently, the well-loved beverage brand introduced C2 Black Tea Peach, a refreshingly light drink you can enjoy this summer.

C2 Black Tea Peach

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Maximizing Comfort: The Anatomy of a Great Road Running Shoe

Unlike cyclists, who require an arsenal of technical gear, runners only need one thing to turn over the miles: their shoes. But there’s more to a great shoe than meets the eye.

You want a shoe that fits well and feels comfortable when running. We recommend a shoe that offers plenty of wiggle room in the toe box, as this allows for proper blood flow and prevents chafing.

running shoes

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5 reasons the new, mouthwatering Cream-O Brownie Soft Cookies are #SnackGoals

There’s a new snack in town that might just rock the world of chocolate lovers. We’re talking a new and unique source of choco-happiness sent down from the deities up there in choco-heaven: the new and limited-edition Cream-O Brownie Soft Cookies.


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Araw Hospitality Group Expands Its Portfolio with Two New Unique Destinations in the Philippines

Araw Hospitality Group, one of the most aggressive local hospitality groups in the country, is proud to announce the opening of two of its newest properties this first quarter of 2024: Nawa Wellness and UNWND Boutique Hotel Camiguin. These two properties are set to bring about a new and unique kind of hospitality experience that both domestic and international guests won’t find anywhere else.

Nawa Wellness calatagan batangas

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#PalawanMoNa! Claim your International Remittance Anytime, Anywhere with PalawanPay

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are integral contributors to the Philippine economy, playing a significant role in shaping the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and foreign exchange earnings. Their remittances, which constitute at least 10 percent of the national GDP, are crucial for sustaining households, meeting basic needs, supporting education, providing shelter, and fostering entrepreneurial endeavors.

#PalawanMoNa! Claim your International Remittance Anytime, Anywhere with PalawanPay

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Get holiday-ready with Ever Bilena’s Matte K-Beauty Lipstick collection

With parties and celebrations all set to happen as the Holiday season approaches, you need a good makeup strategy to make sure you look polished and on fleek each time you step into the party zone.

Ever Bilena, the country’s leading cosmetics brand, offers the perfect solution with its EB Matte K-Beauty Lipstick collection, offering six flattering shades to take your look from day to night or to match different themes for different celebrations.

ever bilena k-beauty lipsticks

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