Geocaching – a high-tech treasure hunt game

I love treasure hunts, I get a different high and a sense of accomplishment whenever I’m Easter egg hunting. Whenever I play games in my computer, it’s some sort of a hunt or a puzzle game. So when I came across geocaching and that it’s a high-tech treasure hunt game, I immediately googled if there’s geocaching in the Philippines. There were some but not that popular unlike in other countries.

Since geocaching is high-tech, I need a GPS to play. Our officemate has a Garmin that he uses in running, he said the source has geocaching outdoor gadgets that I can check out.

So what will you get from geocaching? Just like treasure hunting, you will look for a geocache, a geocache is like a treasure box that may be filled with toys, coins or any knick-knacks that another geocacher placed. It’s one great outdoor activity, and the best thing is that you can play anywhere in the world and interact with other players.


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