Say Aloha to the NEW Kenny Rogers Roasters’ Hawaiian Roast

If there is one flavor that embodies the essence of tropical bliss, pineapple is definitely a top choice. Sweet and savory, this healthy fruit can truly satisfy our taste buds. Now, Kenny Rogers Roasters wants to capture the sweet and savory flavors with the introduction of its newest offering, the Hawaiian Roast!

Kenny Rogers Roasters_Say Aloha to the NEW Kenny Rogers Roasters' Hawaiian Roast_photo1

Kenny Rogers Hawaiian Roast

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5 reasons the new, mouthwatering Cream-O Brownie Soft Cookies are #SnackGoals

There’s a new snack in town that might just rock the world of chocolate lovers. We’re talking a new and unique source of choco-happiness sent down from the deities up there in choco-heaven: the new and limited-edition Cream-O Brownie Soft Cookies.


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5 Things That Made Cream-O Choco Happy Place More Enjoyable

In a world that often moves at a relentless pace, the importance of “me-time” cannot be overstated. That’s exactly what Cream-O’s Choco Happy Place event was for.


Cream-O Choco Happy Place 1

Visitors of the two-day Cream-O Choco Happy Place event were greeted by this interactive digital choco fountain.

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Get ultimate VIP access to tasty experiences with pandaPro

It’s no secret that pandapro holds the key to unlocking the full benefits of the foodpanda app, and aside from being your fuss-free and budget-savvy companion, it also brings premium experiences within your reach – fit for a king and queen!

pandapro dine-in

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Start your New Year right with Seattle’s Best Coffee’s new Iced White Chocolate Mocha Series

Just like that, a new year is here. And what could be a better way to welcome new beginnings in your life than a cup of coffee to welcome your day!

As we enter a new chapter this year, Seattle’s Best Coffee is already giving coffee lovers more exciting things to look forward to as it adds two new rich and bold flavors to its best-selling Iced White Chocolate Mocha; the new Iced White Chocolate Hazelnut and Iced White Chocolate Black Tea Jelly Latte!

Seattles Best Coffee Iced White Chocolate Mocha Series

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foodpanda simulates a love at first sight experience along EDSA

Do you believe in love at first sight? Whether it’s a yes or no, nothing will prepare you for foodpanda’s latest breathtaking visual along EDSA Guadalupe, which we’re sure will be running on your mind 24/7!

foodpanda_Burger Billboard

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