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I’m back! Before posting my Hongkong-Macau travel adventures, I’ll share this sale flyer I got from my inbox. As if shopping in Hongkong for me is not enough…

V-day beauty haul: Beauty Credit and Elianto

I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s day, I’m very vocal about it throughout the years. I have that icky feeling at the thought of me carrying a bouquet of flowers on a date. Besides, Valentine’s day celebration in the Philippines has become trivial and commercialized already, peace!

We still went to the mall last Saturday just like any ordinary weekends. As expected, a lot of couples and families flocked to Mall of Asia and restaurants were crowded especially lunch time and dinner time. I’m on the look-out for a motorcycle jacket, found one at People are People but decided to let it pass. I’m still thinking whether to get the motorcycle jacket I saw from Solo or the one from People are People, we’ll see…

What I was able to score are nail polishes from Elianto and beauty products from a new Korean brand, Beauty Credit. Summer is around the corner and I’m getting tired of my clear nail polish so I bought 3D nail stickers and nail polishes in yummy colors. Nail polishes are Php 99 each.

Nail stickers and nail polishes from Elianto (Php 99 each)

colors from left: coral, turquoise, brown, bisque, navy, colorless

I passed by Watsons just to buy a nail clipper but I saw the variety of Korean Beauty Products available in the store. I remembered my friend Jehan Kim who is a fan of Korean beauty products and everything Korean, she swears that Korean beauty products really works albeit expensive. I snagged some facial mask packs, Green Tea and Coenzyme Q10, from C&F brand.

C&F facial mask packs at Php 49.75 each

I was making my way to the VMV counter when the sales assistant from Beauty Credit asked me to try their products. I ended up buying these…

Beauty Credit loot

Charcoal Nose Pore Cleaning Patch, Mousse Pack, Powder Foundation, CoQ10 from Beauty Credit

I bought the Lovely Powder Pact Matt 23 (Natural Beige), Php 765, Royal Jelly Yellow Soil Mousse Pack, Php 713, Charcoal Nose Pore Cleaning Patch, Php 35, they also gave samples of CoQ10 moisturizer. I am amazed with their nose patch because it really lifts off your blackheads/whiteheads. I also love the Powder Foundation because it made my skin glow. The Mousse Pack really leaves my skin smooth and firm after the application. I was completely clueless on the brand before buying it so I googled them when I got home. Beauty Credit is a Korean brand and you can only find them in Watsons Mall of Asia (beside National Bookstore). They have make-up and skin care products, most of them have CoQ10. I will try to post a detailed review on their products in the coming weeks.

Beauty Credit is only available at Watsons, Mall of Asia.

Elianto website:

My Shopaholic Confession

Hi my name is Badet and I’m a shopaholic!

My love affair with shopping started 10 years ago when I was in high school, it became full-blown when I was in college and after earning my first paycheck. At present, I’m still recuperating, getting better as I get older. Haha! Seriously, there’s a shopaholic in each and every one of us. Although, women are the most evident ones, men too are guilty of being a shopaholic. For some women including me, shopping is a sport, we find challenge on scouting the best bargains and rummaging through the pile of clothes on sale. Some women find solace at the sound of the cash registers and bringing home a bag full of new clothes, shoes and bags. The truth is, we are all shopaholics and we all have our reasons.

My shopping buddy is my mother and my husband Jeff. I can’t shop alone, I can’t decide what to buy when I’m alone so I always have someone to ask for their nod when I’m buying or I”ll end up buying two things. My mother supports me in this hobby, she encourages me to look in other stores first before making a decision. She won’t mind being tired and being dragged to different stores until we can find the best bargain. Shopping with Nanay became a regular girl bonding for us, be it in SM, Greenhills, Tiendesitas, bazaars and 168 Mall in Divisoria.

Throughout the years, I had my share of booboos and triumphs in the field called retail therapy. There are those shoes that hurts like hell when worn but looks so perfect in the store, those colored jeans that fits well but can’t seem to match with any of your wardrobe, the jacket that was the envy of other girls, etc… Anyway, let me spill the beans and tell you my confessions and realizations I made.

Shopaholic confession #1: Travelling is more fun when paired with shopping.

I just can’t imagine
myself coming from a different place without bringing home a remembrance or a souvenir, so that whenever I use something bought from a specific place, it can bring back memories. Whether it be native products and delicacies from different products within the Philippines or imported goodies from Hongkong, Bangkok or Singapore, it’s a must for me to buy even just a tiny keychain. I also take the opportunity to buy things that are cheaper in other places. I bought my Ipod in Singapore because it’s cheaper compared to mall prices here while clothes and other fashionable items are cheaper in Bangkok.

Shopaholic confession #2: I became an online seller because of my love for shopping.

It all started when I was shopping for accessories, I can’t decide what to buy so I bought lots of different designs and colors. I just realized when I got home that I can’t wear all of them and might end up in a pile collecting dust. I just love the joy of buying beautiful things, after bringing home the things I buy, I tend to forget about them with their tags left hanging on them. An idea came to mind, since online shopping is booming, I started to sell some in Multiply. Good thing others liked the accessories too and continued selling as of this writing. In this way, I get to satisfy my addiction for shopping and earn too! I guess it also tamed my spending habits because it made me realize the value of money and how hard it is to convince people to buy from you so that you can earn.

Shopaholic confession #3: Having a collection eats up most of my salary.

Havaianas addict

Aside from a shopping addict, I once became a flip-flops addict, a.ka. Havaianas addict. Yup, those buttery soft rubber soles and cute designs are so tempting. I started out with two flip-flops but seeing the collections of other people especially Pia Magalona’s, I’m set to start my own. For a pair of rubber slippers, they don’t come cheap but in the name of collecting, I still buy them despite the occasional frowns I get from Jeff whenever we’re in an All Flip Flops branch or whenever I’m carrying an Air21 pouch from an online seller. I got loco for limited edition pairs that I even paid for Php 2,000 for a particular pair. I lost count of my Havaianas after I had my 12th pair. I lost count because some of the newer pairs are left unused, some pairs I immediately kept in a box so that Jeff won’t know I purchased new ones, ssshhh!

Shopaholic confession #4: I love going to tiangges/bazaars!

Imagine a kid jumping for joy because he/she is in Disneyland, that’s how I feel whenever I visit World Trade Center bazaars or Greenhills tiangges. The clothes may not be branded/designer, but who cares? Getting a good bargain gives me a natural high. I am always excited during Christmas Season because bazaars are sprouting everywhere during that time of the year. I am always looking forward to the World Bazaar Festival and Noel Bazaar held in the World Trade Center, remember my good finds at the World Bazaar last year?

Shopaholic confession #5: MEN LOVE SHOPPING TOO!

Maybe it’s not my
own confession, but it’s my discovery! I read about this once and I’ve proven that it’s true. Men won’t admit it but just observe your boyfriends and husbands when you’re in the mall. I know that Jeff and most men in our lives gets bored whenever we drop by at the make-up counter or whenever we visit boutiques like Kamiseta, Bayo, etc. Jeff always sits at the sofas in Kamiseta while he waits for me but I can tell that he’s bored. Try letting them lead the way when you’re inside the mall, you’ll soon realize that he spends more time checking out new computer gadgets, cellphones, and cameras.

Whew! Those are the confessions I can think of, but I learned my lesson, especially in this trying times, when global recession is at its peak, it is best to spend our money wisely. I now have a “save or splurge” mindset when I buy something. I also keep these shopping tips in mind:

Shopping tips from a tiangge shopaholic:

1. Haggle, haggle, haggle. This is a shopaholic mantra. We all love to haggle right? One most abused line when shopping in tiangges is “Ate, wala na bang bawas to?” or “Ate, last price?”, with matching puppy eyes. Even if it’s only a 10-peso discount, we would gladly accept it from “Ate”. One good practice on haggling is to give your best price a little above half of the original price given to you. For example, for an item that costs Php 300, you can haggle starting at Php 200. Expect that they won’t give in to your offer but at least you can haggle your way up until you both agree. Haggling is perfectly fine as long as you don’t insult the seller by haggling really low. Keep in mind that sometimes, they are only “tinderas”and not the store owners.

2. Buy in bulk. Get more so that you can save more. This applies especially when you’re shopping in 168 Mall, Divisoria Mall, Tutuban Mall or Meisic Mall in Divisoria. You can avail the items at half the original price when you do wholesale. They give you wholesale prices when you purchase 6 pieces and above of their merchandise. So it’s better to be with friends sometimes when you go shopping so that you can buy lots from the store and avail of big discounts.

3. Keep a list of the things you need to buy. Malls and tiangges are very sinful places for a shopaholic, when we see beautiful things, we tend to buy them on impulse. Having a list will help us focus on what we really need to buy.

4. Do not bring your credit card especially during a 3-DAY SALE/MIDNIGHT SALE. This happened to us most of the time, we are so gravitated with the 70% off the tag price even if we don’t plan to buy the item, heck, we don’t even need it at all. So to minimize temptation, just leave your credit card and just bring enough moolah in shopping.

5. Think before you buy. Again, do not buy on impulse. Remember that it’s still hard-earned money that you’re using so don’t waste it on a gorgeous-yet-too-big-for-you maxi dress. What you can do when you’re having second thoughts on buying the item from the store, take a breather, leave the store and take some time to consider if you really really want the item. If you still want it, you can always go back to the store and purchase it. A friend of mine does this trick, if she decides to buy the item, she’ll go back to the store a week later. There were instances that when she went back, the item was already sold out, instead of dismay, she will just just shrug off her shoulders and say “Well, it’s really not for me.”

6. BYOB, bring your own bag. Huh? Well, being a shopaholic doesn’t exempt you from being responsible to the environment. When shopping in tiangges, they don’t pack the goods in paper bags, all they have are those colored plastic sando bags. One thing I’m proud of doing is I bring my own canvass bag or katsa bag when shopping so that I can just dump my loots. Besides, you’re gonna throw all those plastic bags when you get home anyway. Don’t forget to educate the salesladies along the way, ask them not to use plastic bags as much as they can.

Meanwhile, it’s time for shopaholics to unite to watch Becky Bloomwood’s experiences . Catch “Confessions of a Shopaholic” in cinemas on February 18, 2009.

Product spotlight: AnyLock Sealing Device

AnyLock Sealing device

One great find at my recent trip to the 8th World Bazaar Festival is the AnyLock Sealing Device, a fresh new product from Korea. At first glance, you think it can’t do anything because it’s just a plain colorful plastic rod. But this plain looking plastic rod is every housekeeper’s friend. AnyLock is a patented freshness sealing device that locks and seals any plastic bag. This can be used for open bags of chips to preserve its crunch, to seal freshness of vegetables in the fridge, to store leftovers and can also be used when packing your things when traveling. It’s airtight, watertight and odourless.

comes in different colors and sizes

The sealing device comes in a variety of sizes and colors fit for different plastic bags and pouches.

I used mine to seal my snacks.

the chips still have the crunch even after storage

If you want to grab this AnyLock Sealing Device, head on to the 8th World Bazaar. The distributor don’t have a physical store yet in the market and they’re just starting. Price ranges from Php 100 (small sizes) to Php 350 (6 pieces with assorted sizes).

Good finds at the 8th World Bazaar Festival

Are you done with your Christmas shopping? If not, now is the time to go the rounds of bazaars all over Metro Manila for some great finds. But I recommend going to the 8th World Bazaar Festival held at the World Trade Center from December 5-16, 2008. It is one of the grandest bazaar with over 600 concessionaires. We always frequent this bazaar every year and has became a tradition for the family. It’s like going to Greenhills Tiangge, 168 Mall, Rockwell bazaars at the same time. You just have to keep an eye for unique and affordable items.

8th World Bazaar banner

Entrance fee to the bazaar is Php 25, for Senior Citizens, it’s Php 20. So what’s in it for you at the 8th World Bazaar? Majority of the booths sells export overruns for kids and adults, price ranges from Php 200-Php 500 for kids apparel and from Php 300-Php 700 for adults shirts/blouses. I’m a bit surprised with the prices of some vintage shirts sold there though, they are tagged at Php 450, quite steep for a bazaar-bought shirt so I let it go. I’d rather buy a little less than Php 500 shirt from a boutique in a mall. There are also stalls that sells children’s toys, accessories, handicrafts/woodcrafts, bags and shoes. You’ll not get hungry because there are a lot of food concessionaires at the back, but there weren’t enough sitting area for you to eat though. But you also have the option to eat outside as McDonald’s has set up of its own kiosk just outside the building.

Here are some of my loots from the bazaar:

bag organizer

1. Bag Organizer – it’s different from other bag organizers sold in SM. It has a thicker fabric and has an inner lining and a compartment with zip enclosure. Php 200

black/blue hobo bag

2. Black/Blue Hobo Bag from Sacco – I love buying bags proudly made by local manufacturers. I own bags from Therapy Bags and Fab Manila and this one’s the latest addition to my collection. A steal for only Php 299.

hoodie and shirt for kids

3. Hoodie and Shirt for my nephew – They are not authentic RL and Lacoste but my 2-year old nephew wouldn’t know the difference, hehehe! RL Hoodie – Php 380, Lacoste Shirt – Php 280
assorted kiddie undies

4. Assorted kiddie underwear – They’re cute and colorful. Sold at 3 pieces for Php 100.

plain colored tops

5. Plain White and Brown Shirt – I’m a shirt-and-jeans person so plain colored tops are one of my wardrobe staples. Php 150 each

pink printed blouse

6. Pink Printed Long Sleeves for my mother – Nice fabric and color. A steal at Php 200.

Patrick stuffed toy

7. Oversized Patrick Stuffed Toy – This little fellow is a gift for my nephew’s upcoming birthday. Php 900

AnyLock sealing device
8. AnyLock Sealing Device – Of course, what I love most about bazaars is that you can discover new items not yet available in other stores. Like this AnyLocks, after seeing it one of the booths, I knew that I have to buy some. And because I love this product, I’m gonna write a separate entry for this. Php 350 for a 6-pc. AnyLock.

Another thing that’s great about a bazaar is that you can haggle, haggle, haggle. But not too low that you’ll insult the seller, it also helps that you’ll buy 2 or more items from the same stall so that you can have a bigger discount. Aside from haggling, you’re gonna do a lot of walking so wear your most comfortable shoes. Parking can be quite challenging especially in the evening so better go there early. Aside from the available parking at the back of WTC, you can also park at the huge vacant lots just across WTC for Php 30. Enjoy your shopping!

8th World Bazaar Festival
World Trade Center
Gil Puyat Ave. Ext. corner Macapagal Blvd.
Pasay City

8. AnyLock Sealing Device – Of course, what I love most about bazaars is that you can discover new items not yet available in other stores. Like this AnyLocks, after seeing it one of the booths, I knew that I have to buy some. And because I love this product, I’m gonna write a separate entry for this. Php 350 for a 6-pc. AnyLock.

Another thing that’s great about a bazaar is that you can haggle, haggle, haggle. But not too low that you’ll insult the seller, it also helps that you’ll buy 2 or more items from the same stall so that you can have a bigger discount. Aside from haggling, you’re gonna do a lot of walking so wear your most comfortable shoes. Parking can be quite challenging especially in the evening so better go there early. Aside from the available parking at the back of WTC, you can also park at the huge vacant lots just across WTC for Php 30. Enjoy your shopping!

8th World Bazaar Festival
World Trade Center
Gil Puyat Ave. Ext. corner Macapagal Blvd.
Pasay City

Belle de Jour Planners arrived

As early as October, I am anticipating the planner I’m using for the year 2009, the Belle de Jour Power Planner. And just last week, I got the 4 planners I ordered. It took some time for the planners to arrive because of the enormous orders received from fabulous ladies around the world. I didn’t get the chance to get the Philosophy by Mikaela discount card for the first 1000 customers to accomplish payment though.

planners were sent via Air21

4 Belle de Jour Power Planners!!

includes a mini-notebook for you to doodle

What makes the Belle de Jour Planner more interesting is the variety of coupons included in the planner. From Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Celine, Ace Water Spa, Freeway, etc., you’ll surely get your money’s worth. I’m particularly happy with the 10% discount I’ll be getting at All Flip Flops, which means a discounted Havaianas for me.

discount coupons included in the planner

colorful pages for your colorful life

I’m definitely impressed with the planner, so you better grab one now too! You can still order online or catch the BDJ team on bazaars around the metro. The planner is Php 598. I’m cooking up something for readers of this blog. Hopefully, I can finalize everything so that readers can have a chance to own one Belle de Jour Planner 2009!

Kawaii finds – Chocolate Mirror and Jelly/Conversion Lens for your camera phones

What better way to start the week with some online “window” shopping, right? And look, this is one of the cutest thing I’ve found, a Meiji Chocolate Mirror. It looks so good enough to eat, it’s the same size as the real Meiji Chocolate Bar and also comes in the same packaging as the real chocolate.

a chocolate mirror that looks good enough to eat
chocolate mirror with the real chocolate bar

Great gift for chocoholics like me. Retail price is $ 6.78 at Strapya-World.com but it’s currently sold out.

Kenko Funny Conversion Lens

And yet another accessory for your camera phones is here, the Kenko Funny Conversion Lens gives your photos a twist. Different effects can be produced such as wide-angle, soft focus, 6-image, and other effects. Just attach these lenses using the adhesive. Strapya-World.com retails these for $ 9.68.

Jelly Lens from In the Pink

Shoppers in the Philippines must be lucky because my friend Jing Samonte of In the Pink is selling these lenses. She calls them Jelly Lens, even celebrity Jolina Magdangal bought her bestseller Jelly Lens. It’s even affordable at Php 500. Visit her site here.

Retail therapy for a hard day’s work

Work has never been this hectic these past few weeks. Our team must meet a very high production target before the year ends, the target is achievable nonetheless if the team will put more time and hardwork. Working even on Saturdays is a bummer, no time for quality R&R and other extra curricular activities. Every year, I can’t seem to enjoy the Christmas season because this is also the time that work becomes hectic. Like my officemates say, we have more spending power because of bigger overtime pay but no time to spend the moolah earned…. (which, come to think of it, is quite healthy for our conjugal savings account)

Jeff and I still have to find time to unwind, so we headed to Trinoma after work. A hearty dinner at A Veneto did the trick for our reward. We had Cream of Tomato Soup, Baked Ziti and New York Style Pizza, yum!

And just like any girl, shopping is always the solution to beat stress! We passed by the Nike and bought this uber cute Nike Free Mary Jane style shoes. The black/pink combo is a winner, and the shoes is definitely my style, perfect for a basic tee-and-jeans person like me.

Make your own Havaianas is extended till May 5!

Good news to all Havaianas addicts like me! The much-awaited event, Make your own Havaianas (MYOH), is extended until Monday, May 5, 2008. So there’s more time for hoarding and customizing your pair of flip-flops.
So what makes the MYOH so special that it’s something to look forward to every year? In this event, you can customize your pair for you to really call it your own. You can mix and match the color of straps and sole and add lifestyle pins like star, headphone, skateboard, etc… This year, Havaianas really made it more special because aside from the Havaianas Top, they included the Havaianas Slim for the styles to choose from. This is really bliss for all ladies. Aside from that, you can now embellish the straps with swarovskis and even spell out your name. Lacinhos or “baby laces” are also available. Talk about really customizing.

The place was packed and they have to control the number of people inside hence the long line outside the tent.

Go to Rockwell Tent early… or you’ll end up falling and waiting in line for 2 hours just to get inside the tent. Knowing which styles/colors to get is also a big help to save time since you’ll also be spending an hour inside falling in line (again!) and waiting for your flip-flops to be made. If you want your flip-flops to be embellished with Swarovskis, you have to go to a dedicated counter so that means falling in line again.

Moi deciding the color combination and pins…

While waiting outside, one of the staffs will be handing out the brochures/guide (sort of an Order Form). The brochure shows the colors of the straps and soles, lifestyle pins and Swarovskis. Fill out the form, state your size, choose colors that you want and the lifetyle pins and letters you want to add.

At the counter waiting for my pairs…

Colorful straps to choose from…

For my Slim, crystal blue sole, golden sun slim strap, star and letter “b” pins

Putting pins at the straps takes time, so be patient…

They have this rule “Once holed, considered sold” policy so make sure that you state the position for your pins, especially if you want to spell out your name.

My customized pair is taking shape…

I am now a proud owner of 4 customized pairs!

For every pair of Havaianas purchased, you’ll get a stub for a free snack. The snack includes 1 pack of Holy Kettle Corn and 1 small cup of Nestea Iced Tea (I wished the cup was bigger though).

style=”font-family:trebuchet ms;font-size:85%;”>Our matching pairs!

This is why I love MYOH, hubby and I get to have matching pairs. We chose to have dark brown sole, moss green straps (slim strap for me) and skull pins.

Make Your Own Havaianas

May 2-5, 2008

Rockwell Tent (mall hours)

Prices: Adult sizes (33/4 to 45/6) – Php 795; Kids sizes (25/6 to 31/2); additional charge of Php 50 for each pin and Swarovski added; Lacinhos (baby laces) are Php 200 per pair

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