Mystery shopping in the Philippines

I first encountered the term mystery shopping 3 years ago at the Girltalk forum. Apparently, mystery shopping is already known in the US and is used for the improvement of customer service. Here in the Philippines, I signed up with Satisfind out of sheer curiosity on how to be a mystery shopper. That was 3 years ago and I only got to do 2 projects for them. One is to do grocery shopping and another is to rate the customer service provided by a certain jeans boutique. Mystery shopping is quite exciting, it requires being attentive to what the sales assistants are doing because you’re going to assess them and answer their survey form online after your mystery shopping stint. It can’t be considered as another source of income through, it’s just for pure fun. I only got a Php 300 gift certificate for the grocery mystery shopping and a Php 500 as a token for the boutique mystery shopping.

The only requirement to be a mystery shopper is you have to be at least 18 years old. If you want to experience being a mystery shopper, register at their site. If you know of other companies who are looking for mystery shoppers, post it here.

Coogi for men

Have you heard of Coogi? It’s an Australian clothing brand made famous by The Cosby Show’s Heathcliff Huxable and by The Notorious B.I.G. I’m also not familiar with the brand either, mainly because it’s a hip-hop brand and primarily caters to men. It’s considered as an upscale brand before but now, they’re also catering to the masses. Young adults can definitely find something nice among their collections of sweaters, jackets, sneakers, jeans and shirts. Their site is on-sale, check it out!

A new camera for the photoholic and videoholic

How many digital cameras do you own? First, we only had one simple digital camera, a Canon Powershot that’s still working and we gave it to my sister-in-law. Jeff had his DSLR, a Nikon D80, which I rarely (never) because it’s so heavy and I don’t know how to use the manual mode. The Panasonic Lumix LX3 which Jeff gave me as a birthday gift is what I use until now. I love using this because it’s compact but functions and shoots like an SLR. Apparently, Jeff also enjoy using this too instead of his Nikon D80. He loves using the HD video recording and wide angle shots. Because of this, there are times that I’m left with just my camera phone to use or use his bulkier DSLR.

Since we’re going to Hong Kong, it’s the perfect time to scout for affordable waterproof digital cameras because it will fit our outdoor lifestyle. My LX3 is too precious to get wet. We’re eyeing for a Panansonic Lumix DMC-TS2…

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS2

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Shopping for shoes

Since I got pregnant, I kept my shoe purchases low. I might end up not being to able to use them once I gave birth. Some people I know end up with feet with a bigger size post-pregnancy. I haven’t tried all my shoes yet but I hope they all still fit on me.

As a reward for myself, I think it’s time for me to buy new shoes! But since I can’t window shop at the mall yet, online window shopping will suffice. I’m browsing at, I’m eyeing for womens sandals but a gorgeous oxford shoes caught my attention…

oxford shoes

I’m not sure if oxfords are still big this 2011 though… How about you? What are you planning to buy at the start of the year? Remember, mallwide sales might be happening soon…

Eco-friendly bazaar shopping tip

Since bazaars are everywhere, let us not forget to be a responsible and environment-conscious individual. Most sellers/booths in bazaars use plastic bags when you shop, you can’t blame them because that’s the cheapest packaging they can come up with. The initiative to say NO TO PLASTIC should come to us, shoppers. I’m sure we all have lots of ecobags piled up in our homes, bring one when going to bazaars and just dump your items as you shop.

I brought my Healthy Options ecobag at the 10th World Bazaar Festival:


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World Bazaar Festival 2010 finds

It’s been a yearly tradition for me and my mother to check out the World Bazaar Festival at the World Trade Center. It doesn’t feel like Christmas if we don’t visit bazaars especially this one. I just noticed that entrance fee keeps on increasing year after year, now it’s Php 50 for kids and adults and Php 40 for senior citizens. So to give you an idea what you can find in the 10th World Bazaar Festival, I listed some of my finds:

Multi-zipper Currency Wallets

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