Get a Head Start on Christmas: Kids’ Stocking Fillers

It may only be the beginning of the autumn term at school but, now the kids are back in the classroom, it’s surprising how quickly the next few months will fly by. Before you know it, Christmas will be on your doorstep and, if you’re not careful, you will be completely unprepared and looking at the credit card to fund all the last minute buys.

If you start buying some little bits now, you can spread the cost of Christmas over a few months, giving you much more leeway in terms of the money that’s available for you to spend. Plus, with the kids under the watchful eye of their teachers, you won’t have to worry about smuggling goodies into the house without them clocking you!

While they may have their eye on a ‘big present’ this year, most of the fun can be had with what you add to their stockings. From little trinkets and wind-up toys that cost less than a pound to small LEGO sets, My Little Pony figures and toy cars, the possibilities are endless. Here are some great ideas to get you started.

  • New Pyjamas or Slippers – OK, this may not be a stocking filler but it’s a perfect idea if you like to build up the excitement on Christmas Eve by giving your children a little gift early. Treat them to a brand new set of PJs to wake up on Christmas morning in and the excitement will start before Santa even lands on the rooftops. Keep an eye on the kids’ character clothing at George over the coming weeks – they often have plenty of kids’ character clothing sleepwear that would be perfect.
  • Sweets and Chocolate will always be a big hit for the sweet tooth children in your home (so most of them, then!) From Cadbury’s selection boxes to wrapping up some of their favourite sweetie indulgences, the options are endless. Pick something they don’t have very often, or is more difficult to find, for a real treat.
  • Collectible Miniatures are a great addition to any Christmas stocking. LEGO provide some superb collectible minifig packets, where the goodies within are unknown until you open them; My Little Pony and Moshi Monsters are also great options for fans of the franchise.
  • Little boys can never do with enough toy cars and a stocking is a perfect place to hide these four wheeled goodies.
  • For older girls, lip balms and make up would be ideal – choose some items from their favourite collections. Eyeliners, lipsticks, eyeshadows and nail varnishes will always be appreciated by your girly girl.
  • Crayons, Felt Tips and Pencils are awesome fillers for any crafty kid. Crayons break and felt tips lose their lids all the time – top up their craft box this Christmas.

While we still have some time left before the mad Christmas rush really takes off, it’s always a great feeling to know that you’ve already started when the hordes of people flock to the high street. Start picking up some bits and pieces today and be organised this year!

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