Fun Christmas gifts for a season full of love, luck, and laughter

Gift giving—in its many, varied forms—is a huge part of the holidays. It’s not about getting gifts or material possessions; it’s a reflection of the season’s underlying values of generosity, thoughtfulness, and love.

The act of getting the perfect gift for your loved ones has its own rewards. The idea of surprising them on Christmas Eve is even more enjoyable. But “fun” becomes stressful when you find yourself in the middle of an overwhelmingly large crowd inside a mall, clueless about what gift to buy for them.

Fun Christmas gifts for a season full of love, luck, and laughter

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Get a Head Start on Christmas: Kids’ Stocking Fillers

It may only be the beginning of the autumn term at school but, now the kids are back in the classroom, it’s surprising how quickly the next few months will fly by. Before you know it, Christmas will be on your doorstep and, if you’re not careful, you will be completely unprepared and looking at the credit card to fund all the last minute buys.

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Christmas gifts for him

Do you also find it difficult to find Christmas gifts to your husband, brother and boy friends? I always have a hard time, it’s always the generic shirts because gadgets are too expensive. But if you’re the generous type, you can also opt to give pricier ones.

For the outdoor loving person in your life, you can’t go wrong with giving something from the North Face. They have everything from tents, shoes, shirts, jackets and other gears.

For the husband, I’m checking out northface jackets from

Cocktail rings

Cocktail rings are hot these days! They come in a variety of shapes (flower and animal designs, antique or silver finish, etc.). But what’s surprising is that these lovely pieces are so cheap you’d want to wear 10 rings at once!

cocktail rings

At first, I intent to sell them at my online store but they’re so pretty I kept them all! My favorites are the three rings at the bottom. Price ranges from Php 75-Php 100. These can be great gifts for your kikay girl friends, just pop them in a ring box and it’s an instant gift.

Pink Fortune accessories as gifts!

Can you feel the Christmas rush already? Christmas bazaars are everywhere and malls are teeming with people, and situations like this makes me more lazy to go to malls. The answer, online shopping in Multiply! Please don’t forget to visit Pink Fortune if you’d like to give accessories as gifts, we now have fashionable clothes too!

Here’s a preview of what’s in store:

The all-time bestseller in the shop especially during Christmas is the kidada charm bracelets, perfect to give for barkadas…

kidada charm bracelets, Php 150 each

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