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I always pass by at Fino whenever I’m at Trinoma. But I don’t enter the store because the storefront is quite intimidating (read: mukhang mamahalin) and I don’t have plans to buy for a leather wallet or bag. But when Jeff asked where we can buy a card holder that’s slim to carry all of his IDs and credit cards, I suggested that we look around at SM but he found nothing that suits his discriminating taste (yup, my husband is harder to please than me) I suddenly remembered Fino because of The Diplomatic Wife’s post. So we trooped to Trinoma and finally set foot inside Fino for the first time, the smell of leather greeted us.

We asked for their card holders and Jeff zeroed in on this:

Black Fino card holder, Php 495

It’s the perfect card holder for him because it’s slim yet can hold plenty of cards. Inside were clear plastic pockets to place your cards/IDs and held together by that little round metal at the corner. So when you want to get something out of the holder, you must open it like you’re holding playing cards.

For a genuine leather, its price of Php 495 is really a steal! It comes with a lifetime warranty too. Honestly, I bought wallets from Girbaud, Riviera and even Seiko hoping that they use real leather but I only got to use them for a few months. So I’m planning to buy my first Fino wallet soon, it’s a great investment.

Fino is a Filipino brand, let’s support our own. They have plenty of leather products such as bags, wallets, coin purse, luggage tags, card holders, etc.


  1. So timely, I was also looking for a card holder because the one I’m using’s ripped off 🙁 Will have to ask my sister to buy me one though lol. I’m all for quality and it’s so nice to see our own product compete with world renown brands.


  2. I also read that Fino article by the Diplomatic wife before. I’ve been saving up for a Fino bag for a while now. Hopefully, I could buy my first Fino soon. 🙂


    Badet Reply:

    I’m saving for a Fino bag too, I hope they will have a sale soon.


  3. I use fino too as a globe tattoo holder. It’s fine work indeed.


  4. I used to dream of getting a Fino bag for me, but the steep price made me think twice or even many times. Until I lost control of my sane mind and gave in to my desire. I bought one for 9,995.php. Was there a regret after? Maybe yes, because I’ve been seeing other local brands of quality leather bags lately with equally good workmanship but with much lower prices.


  5. Hi there, I hope you guys have been able to save for FINO bags. I know I always try to save money before going home to the Philippines so that I can get one. It’s saved me from spending much more money for bags that aren’t even as fabulous when I am abroad.

    Beng, I hope this makes you feel a bit better about your investment, because I’ve also explored other local brands that are cheaper and LOOK like they have the same quality workmanship. The weird thing I found with the brands I saw is that the dyeing of the leather is not so good. Some of them even peel! Please remember that with FINO you have a lifetime warranty on the leather. If there is a problem, you can bring it back to their store and they have great service. You can also ask them to clean your bag for you. Once you’ve bought your first FINO bag, you have a 10% discount for life on your other FINO purchases.


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