Neon accessories haul

Whenever I go to 168 Mall in Divisoria, I make it a point to maximize my visit there. I check out all the clothes, bags, shoes, kids clothes and toys and of course accessories! I’m a suki in one of the stores there when I was still selling accessories, now that I no longer sell, I still visit and buy from her for my personal use.

My loot, N-E-O-N!

Neon headband, stud earrings, and bracelets all under Php 300

More neon bracelets…

I love neon, feels so happy to look at…

And don’t you just love Divi?


  1. I’m broke like a hobo so all I can do is be jealous at how you can still shop *tear-drop* haha kidding! But that’s a good find! It has been such a long time since I last went to Divisoria. I miss that place!


  2. How nice! I love those chain links in neon colors! They’d look good in my cute colorful outfits!


    Badet Reply:

    Love them too!


  3. I should have read this before I went to the Candy Fair. These would definitely fit the theme! hahaha I likey the stud earrings! 😀


  4. I miss going to 168!! And whenever i go there sinusuyod ko ang bawat sulok ng mall haha!! Love your haul! :))


  5. uy cute, I like neon too 😀

    they’ll look swell this Halloween.


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