Hiking the Lantau Peak and the Wisdom Path

*continuation of our Hong Kong vacation…

Hiking is one of the highlights of our trip, it was an unorthodox way of experiencing Hong Kong… far from the busy streets of shopping areas of Mong Kok and Tsim Sha Tsui, from the fun-filled Disneyland and from the picturesque usual tourist attractions.

Original plan was to scale two mountains, Lantau Peak and Dragon’s Back, but due to lack of time and exhaustion, Dragon’s Back has to take a backseat.

start of the trail of Lantau Peak
start of the trail of Lantau Peak

Hong Kong’s second highest peak is Fung Wong Shan or Lantau Peak. It has 2 peaks namely Fung Shan and Wong Shan hence the name Fung Wong Shan. Lantau Peak’s trail is reminiscent of Mt. Ugo’s trail. It was a fairly easy trek up to its 934 MASL peak, it was quite a feat because of the hot weather and some steep ascend upon nearing the peak.

Lantau Peaks trail
Lantau Peak’s trail
steep trail near the Lantau Peak
steep trail near the Lantau Peak

But I must admire Hong Kong’s tourism authorities, as part of promoting their hiking trails, they ensured the safety of the hikers by putting rails on some sections of the trail where there are dangerous cliffs. Cleanliness of the trails are also maintained, however, they built some structures made of concrete at the peak.

view of the Shek Pik Reservoir
view of the Shek Pik Reservoir from Lantau Peak

We met other hikers along the way and upon our descent, a Chinese man suggested that we traverse the other side, a longer but easier walk minus the stair-like rocks of our uphill climb. The easier trail will lead us to the road where the bus stop is located going to Tung Chung. Too bad we already got our round-trip ticket for the Ngong Ping cable car so we have no choice but to follow the same trail. The Chinese man was right, the downhill climb is harder than the uphill climb but we were able to finish the hike safe and sound.

triumphant at the top of Lantau Peak
triumphant at the top of Lantau Peak

As if we weren’t tired after the Lantau Peak, we decided to walk a little further to see the Wisdom Path. Wisdom Path is located past the Big Buddha. From the Big Buddha, follow the arrow signs leading to the Tea Garden Restaurant and you should see the Wisdom Path. Few tourists know the Wisdom Path, only the locals are familiar with this Heart Sutra Wood Inscription. Heart Sutra is the well-known prayer for Buddhists.

Chinese Calligraphy inscribed in beams to form a 260-word prayer.
Chinese Calligraphy inscribed in beams to form a 260-word prayer.

The rectangular beams in Wisdom Path forms a figure of eight to form infinity.
The rectangular beams in Wisdom Path forms a figure of eight to form infinity.

Wisdom Path consists of 38 wooden rectangular beams, the formation is like a figure of eight to represent infinity. Inscribed in the wooden beams are Chinese calligraphy consisting of a 260-word prayer.


  1. wow, super sarap naman na vacation yan sis. :). Enjoy the week sis!


  2. wow, sounds like a great holiday 😀 I didnt know HK has this kind of attraction!

    Hana aka acutelife’s last blog post..Bikram Yoga!!


  3. wow nice view! gaganda pa ng shots..syempre maganda din un nagpo-posing doon oh.^_^
    thanks for sharing badudets! ^_^

    meryl’s last blog post..STRAWBERRY GARDEN


  4. yay! i the view looks fantastic. We visited hk for shopping only. I wish i could go there again to tread that trail. thanks for sharing this to us.

    http://melhibiscus@blogspot.com’s last blog post..Top Entrecard Droppers


  5. Hi Badudets,

    Its nice to know that you’ve enjoyed your vacation here in HK. Yes, HK got lots of hiking trails that both locals and tourist enjoy.

    By the way, I’ve added your link to my site.

    Cheers !!!


    Dan’s last blog post..Be a Certified Ethical Hacker


  6. marie liwanag says

    hello, i’ll be visiting HK on december..may i ask, how much does the hike activity cost? 🙂 thanks!


  7. Hi Marie!

    Hiking in HK is free! You only have to pay for your transportation to your hiking destination. In our case, we paid for our cable car ride going to Ngong Ping Village. =)



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