Hong Kong hiking: Dragon’s Back

For the culmination of our hiking in Hong Kong trip, we successfully hiked Dragon’s Back. We were supposed to hike this during our last visit, May 2009, but we’re pressed for time so we chose Lantau Peak on our previous hike. And to end our unfinished business, we hiked Dragon’s Back via the To Tei Wan to Big Wave Bay route.

Dragon’s Back is the most popular hike among locals and tourists alike due to its accessibility and spectacular bilateral views of the Clear Water Bay Peninsula in the east and Stanley Peninsula and South China Sea in the west. At the end of the trail, one can freshen up at Tai Long Wan (Chinese name of Big Wave Bay) with its big waves (hence the name) and fine sand.

panoramic view of Stanley

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Hong Kong hiking with Minute Maid

I read about the Minute Maid contest from pinoyfood.nimrodel.net, I’m so excited to join since not only I’m a Minute Maid Pulpy Orange drinker but also, I really really had an unforgettable moment with Minute Maid. During our HK vacation last year, we decided to hike some of their trails, one of them is the Lantau Peak. I researched for it before leaving the country but I didn’t list down all the details about the description of the trail, distance, etc… At the back of my mind, I was expecting that hiking won’t push through because who would spend an entire day on top of the mountain of a different country when we could roam around the various tourist attractions and shopping malls, right? But I was wrong, Jeff really looked forward to the hiking part so off we go hiking.

start of Lantau Peak's trail

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Hiking the Lantau Peak and the Wisdom Path

*continuation of our Hong Kong vacation…

Hiking is one of the highlights of our trip, it was an unorthodox way of experiencing Hong Kong… far from the busy streets of shopping areas of Mong Kok and Tsim Sha Tsui, from the fun-filled Disneyland and from the picturesque usual tourist attractions.

Original plan was to scale two mountains, Lantau Peak and Dragon’s Back, but due to lack of time and exhaustion, Dragon’s Back has to take a backseat.

start of the trail of Lantau Peak
start of the trail of Lantau Peak

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