How to lower the cost of studying abroad

I once dreamed of studying abroad when I was younger but that never came intro fruition. But even until now that I have a family, it was an option before of being an international student in Canada in search of greener pastures not just for me but for the whole family. We just came back from our vacation in Japan recently and we met some international students in some tourist attractions there. I am impressed with how studying in a different country taught them to be responsible and independent.

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With that, I thought of presenting to my daughter Gwen this option when she goes to college. When you’re a parent, you just want to give the best especially when it comes to her education. Back when I was reading about studying abroad, I learned that the top countries to study abroad for Filipinos are Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. Should the time comes that my daughter finally considers to study abroad, it will be up to her which country she wants.

Because of that dream, I must save up to prepare for this in the future. It’s pretty expensive knowing that aside from the tuition fees, you will also need to pay for the rent, and all expenses that came with living in a different country. But there are ways to lower the cost of studying abroad and even get a scholarship for you or your child can study for FREE.

Let me share to you some tips on how to lower the cost of studying abroad for Filipinos:

Look for a university with a affordable tuition fee for international students.

I am pretty sure that those universities that accepts international students have world class education already. It doesn’t hurt that you will search for cheaper options without sacrificing the quality of education.

Choose a country with low cost of living.

Like I said earlier, being an international student, one must consider not only his/her tuition fees but also the cost of living expenses.

Apply for scholarships.

If you can, scholarships are a sure fire way of getting a FREE tuition fee. You can save a huge chunk of money just by having a scholarship. Just ask around with your colleagues for options.

Get in a work-study program.

This work-study program depends on the chosen country. Some countries will allow students to work by giving a specific visa or working permit. Earning while studying will be a big help for your other expenses as an international student.

Consider applying for student loans.

Student loans or academic loans are different among types of loans. Academic loans have interest rates that varies among financial institutions. Choosing the type of loan is as crucial as considering which country you’ll as an international student.

Being an international student gives exciting opportunities to a person. It will not only provide a higher level of education but will also give a boost to his/her self-esteem. It will open plenty of opportunities for her to conquer the world.



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