Watch this: an addition to our Casio Protrek watches

If there’s one accessory I can’t leave without, it’s a watch. My wrist feels naked without wearing one. This is one fetish I share with my husband, Jeff. According to him, a man can only wear few accessories than women and one of them is a watch so why not invest on a good brand. We both love the outdoors and I tag along whenever there’s an easy mountain to climb. When climbing mountains, aside from being self-sustained, we can always climb in style with our Casio Protrek watches.

Casio Protrek PRG 110

Casio Protrek PRG 110

Jeff’s first Protrek watch is a PRG-40-3VDR and since then, he started collecting Casio Protrek Watches. The two latest addition from the collection is the PRG-110Y-1V (PAW1300) which we bought in Hong Kong for almost half the price of the selling price here in Manila. It’s an ABC watch, meaning it has an Altimeter, Barometer and Compass. Very handy for an outdoor person. What I like about this watch is the inverted LCD design and the slim design. It’s Tough Solar too, just let it catch some sunlight to charge the watch.

Casio Protrek PRG 140

Casio Protrek PRG 140

For moi, I had difficulty finding the one that will fit my small wrist. But the PRG-140T-7V (PAW500-1V) hugs my wrist perfectly. Perhaps, the watch is really made for women. And because the local Casio store at the mall sells this at a higher price than, we have to order the watch from the latter. Thanks to Johnny Air Cargo, even if I have to add up JAC’s charges, the price of the watch still came cheaper. The  PRG 140 is only an AB watch (Altimeter and Barometer) but I don’t mind. Having a sports watch is a perennial item on my wishlist since my purple Nike sports watch.

How about you? What are the things you collect?



  1. Hello!!Visiting here on the 4th..Take care


  2. thank you for sharing this! yes, i think i’d like to check this out too, aside from the g-shock.
    .-= shallow´s last blog’s just g. (punctuation included) =-.



  1. […] Jeff got her vintage-looking batteryless watch, AL190  for around 180 HKD too. We love Casio! These will be an addition to our Protrek watches. […]

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