Hong Kong hiking with Minute Maid

I read about the Minute Maid contest from pinoyfood.nimrodel.net, I’m so excited to join since not only I’m a Minute Maid Pulpy Orange drinker but also, I really really had an unforgettable moment with Minute Maid. During our HK vacation last year, we decided to hike some of their trails, one of them is the Lantau Peak. I researched for it before leaving the country but I didn’t list down all the details about the description of the trail, distance, etc… At the back of my mind, I was expecting that hiking won’t push through because who would spend an entire day on top of the mountain of a different country when we could roam around the various tourist attractions and shopping malls, right? But I was wrong, Jeff really looked forward to the hiking part so off we go hiking.

start of Lantau Peak's trail

The trail signs are written on Chinese so it took us two wrong trails before we got the right direction. We started the trek at high noon, I found a sari-sari store/carinderia at the start of the trail and bought an ice-cold Minute Maid Pulpy Orange, I was quite surprised that it’s also available there. Jeff had a 1-liter of water with him and all the while, I thought that we won’t be needing water that much.

But my memory failed me that time because I told Jeff that scaling the Lantau Peak would only take 20 minutes and is rather an easy trail. Heck, I was wrong again…

trail sign says 4.5 hours to Lantau Peak =(

with my Minute Maid

What I thought to be a 20 minute trek became 2.5 hours, along the uphill trek, I was hoping that Jeff will call it quits and will decide to go down. I wouldn’t mind the steep uphill climb, what is unbearable is the scorching heat because its an open trail.

still a long way to go...

Upon realization that that will be a really long tiring hot climb, I started to consume my cold Minute Maid in small rations especially if I see my husband gulping his water like a dehydrated man in the dessert.

Minute Maid to quench my thirst

Seriously, I got worried we’d suffer from dehydration at that time, scary too because it’s just the two of us and if something happened, I don’t have emergency numbers to call. Thank God we reached the top in tip-top shape!

the peak at last

Going down was easier, just an hour descend and we’re back at the same store where I bought my Minute Maid. We bought 2 ice-cold bottles to reward ourselves of what has been one of our unforgettable moments together.

going down to buy another Minute Maid

How to best enjoy Minute Maid? Well, just doing the activities you love to do and traveling with your loved ones and enjoying Minute Maid is a sure-fire way to have that fun bonding experience.


  1. Those are fantastic photos. I visited Lantau Island while in Hong Kong in 2008. I went to Tian Tan Buddha (The Big Buddha), Po Lin Monastery and Wisdom Path. I saw the trail to Lantau Peak but because I was alone and did not have the right shoes, I didn’t walk the trail but I wanted to. It is gorgeous up there and something I want to experience again. Thanks for the memories.
    .-= Joanne Olivieri´s last blog ..The need to make sense of such Darkness =-.


  2. Wow Joanne, we were there last year, 2009. Wisdom Path is really gorgeous, and the whole place is very peaceful. Hope to bump into you in our future travels.


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