Original Ultra Thin Air case for iPhone 5

There are plenty of counterfeit Spigen products these days. Honestly, I don’t know how to spot real and fake ones. I’d say just buy from a reputable seller/distributor here in the Philippines. Jeff bought his Spigen case for his iPhone 5 at Applewerkz in Alabang for Php 1,450. If you like simple cases for your iPhone 5, check out the Ultra Thin Air, it’s very slim and minimalist.

Ultra Thin Air Case for iPhone 5

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Casio vintage watches haul

Casio vintage watches are hot items since last year. Fashion bloggers always wear it on their outfit posts especially the gold watches. I got tempted to buy from Multiply/Facebook shops but I managed to wait until our HK trip last November. Good thing I waited because I was able to choose, see and fit the actual watches before buying. Since I can’t choose one, I bought two watches and Jeff bought one for himself.

Casio models: AQ-230, AL190, and A158W

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Cherry Mobile P9

My obsession with small phones is not over, even if I’m tempted to buy, I don’t need two phones right now. I saw another cute phone from Cherry Mobile, Cherry Mobile P9. I saw Jeff’s cousin using this, and it’s in pink, so cute!

Cherry Mobile P9, Php 1,299

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Angry Birds Rio Download

I just joined the Angry Birds bandwagon and it’s hard to quit, so addicting! I just bought my Samsung Galaxy Ace weeks ago and I was busy downloading apps and games like Angry Birds. I’m now hooked at playing the full version of Angry Birds Rio.

Angry Birds Rio free download

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Universal travel adapter: traveler must-have

A universal travel adapter is a traveling essential for the wanderlust. In our case, when traveling, we have 2 cameras (D80 and LX3), Ipod, cellphones and a laptop. A universal travel adapter is a must-have especially for backpackers because most hostels/guesthouses don’t provide adapters unlike in hotels. I love the universal travel adapter I found in Handyman, Akari brand and worth Php 499. It looks like this when disassembled:


Akari Universal travel adapter

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Iphone 4 in Hong Kong

One primary reason why I was so excited to go to Hong Kong is because I wanted to purchase Iphone 4 there. Apple Store HK sells the 32 GGB Iphone 4 for HKD 5,888 or around Php 33,000. Very significant price difference compared to prices here in the Philippines. Iphones in HK are unlocked already and can be used here without jailbreak. I searched high and low in different Fortress branches, the official Apple reseller in HK, in Central, Mongkok and all over TST but they all have the “sold out” sign. I already got arthritis pain from all the walking but my Iphone mission failed…

Iphone 4 sold out in Hong Kong

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