Universal travel adapter: traveler must-have

A universal travel adapter is a traveling essential for the wanderlust. In our case, when traveling, we have 2 cameras (D80 and LX3), Ipod, cellphones and a laptop. A universal travel adapter is a must-have especially for backpackers because most hostels/guesthouses don’t provide adapters unlike in hotels. I love the universal travel adapter I found in Handyman, Akari brand and worth Php 499. It looks like this when disassembled:


Akari Universal travel adapter

An all-in-one charger because I can also charge my Ipod because it has a built-in USB port. Great find, sometimes it pays to window-shop a little, I spotted this while looking for sancho panza cigars at the mall.


  1. Bumili din ako nyan b4 going to hk hehe, mahal lang yung syo kc bili ko sa kin 200. Kisses to gweny!


    Badet Reply:

    Ganun! Oo nga eh, may nakita pa nga kami sa Sim City sa Mongkok din, pag kinonvert mo nasa 250 pesos lang.


  2. Meron din ako nito! It’s so useful saka mas mabilis mag charge ang iTouch compared sa nakaplug in sa laptop!

    Pwede rin syang sort of extension kasi kahit nakacharge iTouch ko pwede pa ako magdagdag ng isa pang plug sa likod. I love this! 🙂


  3. it really is very handy when travelling. saves me some space even!


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