Angry Birds Rio Download

I just joined the Angry Birds bandwagon and it’s hard to quit, so addicting! I just bought my Samsung Galaxy Ace weeks ago and I was busy downloading apps and games like Angry Birds. I’m now hooked at playing the full version of Angry Birds Rio.

Angry Birds Rio free download

Angry Birds Rio features two new character, Blu and Jewel. You can also download Angry Birds Rio for free at Android Market.


  1. downloaded it on my ipad and yes, addicting!!


    biik27 Reply:

    How and where did you download it? I want it too. 🙂


    Badet Reply:

    sa Android Market from your phone.


  2. I have this on my ipad too. 🙂 indeed, very addicting.


  3. addicting nga sya. i also downloaded angry birds seasons 🙂


  4. addicting and a great stress reliever


  5. I have never tried Angry bird before…tignan ko nga kung meron for ipad nito


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