Cherry Mobile P9

My obsession with small phones is not over, even if I’m tempted to buy, I don’t need two phones right now. I saw another cute phone from Cherry Mobile, Cherry Mobile P9. I saw Jeff’s cousin using this, and it’s in pink, so cute!

Cherry Mobile P9, Php 1,299

When I inquired at the Cherry Mobile store, the only color available right now is green. The phone’s features is very basic. It has a multimedia player for your music, videos and animation. The sounds may not be impressive since it’s very small unlike the sounds produced by a Genelec speaker. Other features are FM radio, Bluetooth (who uses this anyway?), calculator, alarm and calendar. It comes with a MicroSD memory expansion slot that can support up to 8 Gb. The screen is quite small, only 1-inch LCD colored display buy the keypads are text-friendly.


  1. i want !


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