ASUS Zenfone 2 Deluxe ZE551ML: A closer look

When ASUS Philippines released their Zenfone 2 last year, I knew that it will be my next phone once I decided to upgrade my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (yes, it really needs to retire :p). But I just love my gadgets that it’s hard to replace them until they’re dead. Last month, news broke out about the new models of ASUS Zenfone: Zenfone Selfie, Zenfone Go, Zenfone Laser, and Zenfone 2 Deluxe. The two models that caught my fancy were the Selfie and Deluxe. Zenfone Selfie because of the 13 MP front camera and Zenfone 2 Deluxe because of its large storage capacity.

Before my trip to Hong Kong, I finally decided to buy the Zenfone 2 Deluxe but when I asked someone from ASUS, it’s still not out in the market, even the Zenfone Selfie. I wanted to buy one prior my trip so that I can use it when I’m there.

I’m willing to wait it out till I come back but when I saw the Zenfone 2 Deluxe at the ASUS store in Mongkok Computer Center, its hard to walk away from this beauty.

asus zenfone 2 deluxe back cover

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Visiting the Xiaomi Store Mi Home in Mongkok

Xiaomi, dubbed as the “Apple of China”, opened its Mi Home experience center in Hollywood Plaza in Mongkok, HK last June. I’ve been eyeing some of its products aside from its Mi power bank that’s why I secretly wished that we’ll have extra time to visit the flagship store.

xiaomi store in mongkok, hong kong

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The Great Samsung Sale 2015

The Great Samsung Sale 2015 is the most anticipated sale of Samsung gadgets lovers out there! It’s Samsung’s biggest sale event of the year. Get up to Php 6,000 worth of discounts from July 1 to 31, 2015.

the great samsung sale 2015

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Xiaomi 16,000mAh Mi Power Bank review

I’m always with my phone, I use it all the time and even if I’m at home, my daughter is the one playing with the phone. That’s why it’s imperative that my phone’s battery won’t die on me, plus I learned that you should not drain your smartphone’s battery, you have to charge it once it’s between 40%-60%.

I already bought a Pyxis 10,400 mAh Power Bank and it’s still working fine after 4 months of use. Still, I want a Mi power bank so bad. That’s why when a friend told me that Lazada will be selling the 16000 mAh power bank last April 24, I told my friend to order one for me.

xiaomi 16000 mah Mi power bank vs. pyxis power bank

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Pyxis 10,400 mAh Powerbank from Cherry Mobile: Unboxing and review

I’ve been on the lookout for an affordable powerbank ever since my first powerbank died on me. I wanted something with higher mAh, reliable but still at an affordable price. I’m also looking for the terms of warranty, I learned my lesson from buying my powerbank in HK which conked out after only 3 months but can’t return it to the store.

Anyway, one of the most recommended affordable powerbank is Xiaomi, but original ones are only available at Lazada and are ALWAYS sold out. I chanced upon the Cherry Mobile store in 168 Mall last week and saw this Pyxis Powerbank. It’s 10,400 mAh print was calling at me, and I also noticed its semblance to Xiaomi’s powerbank.

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Cherry Mobile Pyxis T10 10,400 mAh in Silver

Cherry Mobile Pyxis T10 10,400 mAh in Silver

First thing I asked was the price, it’s Php 890. A power bank with 10,400 mAh of juice is pretty reasonable for me. I was quite satisfied with the answers from the owner of that Cherry Mobile store after quizzing him so I bought one. He was not pushy and he’s also using it for his Samsung Galaxy Note 2, same phone as mine.


pyxis T10 powerbank unboxing

The Cherry Mobile Pyxis T10 Powerbank comes in a compact brown box with the following: cloth pouch, micro-USB cable, and the T10 Powerbank.


pyxis t10 review

Cherry Mobile Pyxis T10 Powerbank
Capacity: 10,400 mAh
Output: DC 5V – 2A
Input: DC 5V – 1A
Colors: Gold, Silver, Blue, Red, Green, Purple
Warranty: 6 months, just go to any Cherry Mobile branches
Price: Php 890

pyxis T10 colors

Photo from Cherry Angel’s Facebook account

Colors Available are Silver, Gold, Pink, Blue, Green, and Purple.


I like the built of Pyxis T10, it is simple and sleek. There are 3 indicator lights which tells how much charge it has. Also found on the same side are the USB, micro-USB slot and the power button.

pyxis t10 review

Charging the powerbank takes 12 hours according to the Cherry Mobile store, but I tried charging it at home and it only took me around 9 hours. That one smaller light will blink while charging and will stop once it’s charged.

It takes 2 hours to fully charge my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, with my phone turned off while charging. I also tried it on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and Iphone 5, works on them too.

pyxis t10 cherry mobile review

The only con is that the cable that comes with the box is too short. I just use my Samsung cable if I need a longer cable.

Overall, it’s a good powerbank and still at an affordable price. If you can’t wait to buy the cheaper Xiaomi 10,400 mAh powerbank, then just add a little extra and you’ll have the Pyxis T10 from Cherry Mobile.

By the way, the Cherry Mobile store at 168 Mall is also on Facebook, I think it’s quite popular, Cherry Angel. Check out the page for stock updates.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 cases

I can’t get enough of cases for my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. There are plenty of cute designs and I can’t decide which one. Look at my hauls some weeks ago…

Diary and hard cases for my Note 2

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