Iphone 4 in Hong Kong

One primary reason why I was so excited to go to Hong Kong is because I wanted to purchase Iphone 4 there. Apple Store HK sells the 32 GGB Iphone 4 for HKD 5,888 or around Php 33,000. Very significant price difference compared to prices here in the Philippines. Iphones in HK are unlocked already and can be used here without jailbreak. I searched high and low in different Fortress branches, the official Apple reseller in HK, in Central, Mongkok and all over TST but they all have the “sold out” sign. I already got arthritis pain from all the walking but my Iphone mission failed…

Iphone 4 sold out in Hong Kong

Convert iPod Touch to iPhone using the Peel 520

Ipods have come a long way since the release of iPod shuffle. I still remember saving up for my first iPod Shuffle and then my iPod Video. I stopped looking for higher models because Apple is releasing newer ones almost every month. The only Apple gadget I’m lusting for right now is the iPhone 4. But the hefty price tells me to wait until it goes down to 30-thousand-ish price, and then maybe I’ll consider buying it.

But I discovered something that can turn the iPod Touch into an iPhone, it’s the Peel 520.

Peel 520

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iPhone 4!

iPhone 4 is finally here! It’s not iPhone 4G or iPhone HD as what other have suspected, Steve Jobs named it iPhone 4. iPhone fanatics will surely line up again for this much coveted phone set to be released on June 24, 2010 in the US, UK, France, Germany and Japan. It will be released in 18 other countries some time on July, 2010. While I still can’t get my hands on these iPhone 4, it will be surely good news to some because iPhone 3GS will drop its price to $99. iPhone 4 will retail at $199 for 16 GB and $299 for 32 GB.

iPhone 4

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