Flashybux is a legit PTC site

I’m wary of joining PTC sites or paid to click sites ever since. I think I joined one site that pays to read emails and I thought I’m earning a lot, too good to be true but when it’s payout time, the site went poof! Considering my bad experience with get paid to click sites, I joined Flashybux because one of the members of Pinay Mommies vouched that she got paid with this site.

After I registered, I clicked some ads for just a few seconds and that’s it. I upgraded my account to Flashy membership which requires me to pay $10 for the whole month. Not bad though considering that I will be able to earn $1 a day if I click ads everyday. I can easily get my $10 back after 2 weeks.

And just last week, I got paid…

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New Odesk withdrawal method: local funds transfer

Good news to all Odesk providers because aside from Paypal and Payoneer, they now have local funds transfer. Now, providers can withdraw their earnings directly to their Philippine bank in Philippine pesos. This means less charges because there’s no third party payment vendor such as Paypal and faster money transfer. Withdrawal fee is only $1.99 for local funds transfer, and first withdrawal is free. Some banks may also charge incoming remittance fees but my bank, BPI, doesn’t charge remittance fees from Odesk. Money transfer takes 3-5 business days only.

For more details especially to Odesk providers, visit here.

Join YouSayToo and earn more money online

Are you still looking for more ways to earn money online? Aside from paid posts, pay per clicks, and text link ads and other money earning opportunity available online, have you heard of revenue sharing? The first revenue sharing program I’ve tried is on YouSayToo.com, I added this blog Everything Nice! a year ago and I’m happy with the results. There’s a significant increase in my adsense earnings since then. Maybe because YouSayToo comes out first on Google search sometimes and my blog content lands on the first page of Google. I indicated my Adsense ID in YouSayToo so that every time my content earns clicks, Iget to have a percentage of the earnings from YouSayToo.


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Dneero is back

I was checking my inbox and I was surprised to receive an email from Dneero. Dneero is one of the paid surveys I signed up before, I learned a few dollars from them but my last activity from them was last year ago. I logged in to Dneero’s homepage and found out I still have $ 13.62 earnings from them. It got stuck at $ 13.62 because no new conversations were available until now. I hope more surveys and more opportunities will be available so that I can achieve the $ 20 mark and cash out my earnings.

Dneero survey below:

Do you have Dneero too? Please join in the conversation…

Adgitize proof of payment (February 2010)

After joining Adgitize last year, I received my first payment from them, $12.16. I wasn’t expecting to earn from them since I use Adgitize primarily to gain more traffic to my blog and not as a source of income. But a message from Paypal showed this:

Adgitize proof of payment

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My first Adsense payout via Western Union Quick Cash

Last December 23, 2009, I got a Christmas gift from Google that my payment was issued and is ready for pick-up at Western Union branches the following day. I can’t help but smile because this is my first payout after 1.5 years of running Adsense on my blog, embarrassing, I know. But hey, after experiencing this, I think I’m gonna work hard on blogging next year. And with the help of Adgitize, I can get more traffic on my blog, hence, more chances of earning from clicks.

Claiming my money at Western Union was a breeze! Here’s how:

1. Have your payment details ready found on your Adsense account. You’ll need the Money Transfer Control Number or MTCN, payment amount, sender’s information which you can find below:

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How to get more traffic to your blogs even without updating

I’m not an expert when it comes to blogging, I don’t even pay attention to my blog’s PR anymore and those SEO-thingamajigs but I just want to share something I discovered. As you have noticed, I stopped updating this blog since December 1 and only resumed the other day. I’m so busy this month and I can’t even do bloghopping anymore. From past experiences, whenever I get inactive in blog posting and blog hopping, my site’s statistics significantly drops. I lose significant amount of visitors on my site, hence, less chances of earning from Adsense.

I get traffic from all forms such as Plurk, forum, Entrecard, blogroll and comments from other blogs. When I stopped doing these since first week of December, I’m quite surprised to receive visitors and an INCREASE on my adsense earnings as well. What I’ve done? I became a member of Adgitize and advertised my site with them. I paid $ 14 for a one-month ad to run on other publishers’ websites and automatically gain exposure and traffic to my site.

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I’m still earning with Ciao

Ciao is an online consumer community that lets you review of the products you used. It is helpful to all consumers because you can read other opinions by users before buying a product. You can also participate by writing product reviews of your own and let other people know about your experience. Be very detailed and specific with your reviews, if readers find your reviews, useful, they can rate it as “exceptional”, “very helpful”, “helpful”, etc…

Knowing some feedbacks about a particular product is a good thing in Ciao, but earning through your own product reviews and reading other people’s feedbacks is another thing. Last year, I wrote about the easy way to earn money on Ciao, and it has gotten a lot of positive feedbacks especially from people whose main objective is to earn money online. Later on, Ciao changed its incentive scheme which made me lose my interest on them for quite some time. Aside from that, plagiarism is very rampant with other users. They will copy product reviews from other review sites and post it as their own for others to rate. What’s amazing is that they earned a lot from it, after reporting some of them, I got tired and completely forgot about Ciao for more than 3 months.

Out of curiosity, I checked my Ciao account to see what’s going on and I was completely surprised to see that I earned without me doing anything. I withdrew my earnings from them before I left Ciao. Now, I earned $17.13 after my inactivity for three months. They still pay for reviews and ratings made after all. Just make sure that your review is helpful, detailed and honest and you’ll surely get high ratings and high earnings as well.

my earnings on Ciao after 3 months of inactivity
Register on Ciao now and start making your own product reviews. CLICK HERE.

Ciao.com’s disappointing change to its incentive system

After joining Ciao.com late last week, I already earned $6.26 for my reviews. They are giving $1.00 incentive for every 120-word full review of products that you make. Good thing I requested a pay-out for my $6.26 earnings because as of November, 6, 2008, they slashed down their incentive per review for a very disappointing $0.25 per review. I was shocked when my new earnings for this week of $4.00 became $2.95. Sigh… maybe it’s the effect of financial crisis in the US, or the surge of registered users, etc…. But this is sad news to those who are earning big in Ciao.com and for those who consider this as an alternative source for earning online. As for me, after one week, I might lose my interest in writing at Ciao.com.

Here’s their formal announcement from their site:

Changes to Our Incentive System
Dear Ciao Members,

Effective today our $1 per review bonus will change to a $0.25 per review bonus. Meanwhile, we will be introducing other incentive features – such as our Premium Fund program – to give you new ways to earn money on Ciao. These bonus programs, including the recently added Current Issue section, are part of our new incentive system, which is designed to reward high-quality reviews. We appreciate all the hard work you’ve put into your writing (and videos!), and our new incentive program will bring better pay to your best work.

There are lots of exciting new changes around the corner, and we’ll be sure to keep you up to date with all the ways to earn on Ciao as they come along. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed – especially when you look at your account balance.

Thank you for being a member of Ciao: We look forward to your new reviews!

If you’re still curious about Ciao and want to see and experience for yourself, click the banner below and join.

Earn money online by reviewing products at Ciao.com

I discovered a new way on how to earn money online. Earning money in the Internet is not just limited to blogging, sponsored posts and online selling after all. You can also earn while writing helpful reviews for particular products, movies, services, etc. Thanks to Ciao.com!

Ciao is a multi-million-strong online community that critically reviews and rates millions of products and services for the benefit of other consumers. Available free of charge to consumers in local language versions in major western European and North American markets, Ciao combines unbiased consumer reviews and up-to-date price information from hundreds of online retailers to make it the most comprehensive source of intelligent shopping on the web. Testimony to Ciao’s success, more than 38 million consumers visit the site every month, making it one of the largest shopping portals in North America and Europe.

Registration is free so you don’t have to worry if this is a scam. It’s very easy, just write about your personal experience and be truthful and honest in what you say because it will also help the consumer community. You can earn money in two ways: by writing reviews and comments and by inviting friends/referrals. A $1.00 earning will be credited to your account for every review or successful referral. What’s even good is that minimum payout is only $5.00 through Paypal. If you want to know more about Ciao, read their FAQs here.

Be part of this wonderful community, join now by clicking the banner below and start making money online:

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