New Odesk withdrawal method: local funds transfer

Good news to all Odesk providers because aside from Paypal and Payoneer, they now have local funds transfer. Now, providers can withdraw their earnings directly to their Philippine bank in Philippine pesos. This means less charges because there’s no third party payment vendor such as Paypal and faster money transfer. Withdrawal fee is only $1.99 for local funds transfer, and first withdrawal is free. Some banks may also charge incoming remittance fees but my bank, BPI, doesn’t charge remittance fees from Odesk. Money transfer takes 3-5 business days only.

For more details especially to Odesk providers, visit here.

Tired but blessed

In case you’re wondering, where the hell are the updates on this blog, well, there are a lot blog entries waiting to be written and photos lined up to be posted but due to some fortunate reasons, I really can’t find the time to update as much as I want to. Fortunate reasons because my previous employer from Odesk made contact with me for a new project and my online shop is kickin’ because it’s Christmas season and more and more shoppers are starting to fill up their Christmas loots. I’m pretty swamped and tired, but I’m still grateful for all the blessings. Not having enough sleep, still go to work, shipping of online orders and doing an online job can get really chaotic…



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