New Odesk withdrawal method: local funds transfer

Good news to all Odesk providers because aside from Paypal and Payoneer, they now have local funds transfer. Now, providers can withdraw their earnings directly to their Philippine bank in Philippine pesos. This means less charges because there’s no third party payment vendor such as Paypal and faster money transfer. Withdrawal fee is only $1.99 for local funds transfer, and first withdrawal is free. Some banks may also charge incoming remittance fees but my bank, BPI, doesn’t charge remittance fees from Odesk. Money transfer takes 3-5 business days only.

For more details especially to Odesk providers, visit here.


  1. That’s a good news for those who are employed in ODESK, I’ve heard about odesk before and really tried my luck, I don’t know what happen but I did not continue it. I wonder how would I be able to get hired. Anyway just an everyday visit here. I hope you can visit my other blog also.


  2. Hi sis,

    Gandang balita nyan sa mga taga Odesk, especially those who are thinking of giving it a shot. 🙂

    May gigs ka pa rin ba sa odesk recently?


  3. This should make a big difference to a lot of people… not a lot of people familiar with the paypal system…


  4. I think the new odesk withdrawal system charges 0.99 only which is a big thing for us freelancers. This makes the site a lot more “contractor-friendly”. I hope it won’t change its payment and withdrawal policies. This, so far, makes it way ahead as compared to other freelance marketplaces.


  5. That’s one great news to Odesk users. I am seriously thinking of going back to Odesk.


  6. Have you ever tried working at ODesk?


    Kimverly Reply:

    yes i am a contractor at odesk,,, i tried earning 995 dollars for 48 hours working as an image editor,,, it is really true,, for now i am just having a problem with withdrawing my money… i dont know if EON works for local funds transfer,,,, and still waiting for sum1 hu can ask my question


  7. yes, I tried it yesterday. It would take days to transfer the $$, I tried withdrawing 5.00 to my eon card and hopefully I can see the it tom 🙂


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