Flashybux is a legit PTC site

I’m wary of joining PTC sites or paid to click sites ever since. I think I joined one site that pays to read emails and I thought I’m earning a lot, too good to be true but when it’s payout time, the site went poof! Considering my bad experience with get paid to click sites, I joined Flashybux because one of the members of Pinay Mommies vouched that she got paid with this site.

After I registered, I clicked some ads for just a few seconds and that’s it. I upgraded my account to Flashy membership which requires me to pay $10 for the whole month. Not bad though considering that I will be able to earn $1 a day if I click ads everyday. I can easily get my $10 back after 2 weeks.

And just last week, I got paid…

So the site is legit, and I’m recommending this site to all of you if you want to earn extra moolah just by clicking and viewing ads for teeny tiny seconds.

Register at Flashybux, a no brainer way to earn money online.


  1. Me too, I’m earning an dollar a day! under Flashybux, too bad they lower down the 56 ads to 44 or 46 ads per day. mejo bitin tuloy mag click hehe!

    this may sound spammatic (spam -automatic) post this post is really informative hehe


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