A Certified Foodie!

*This is my entry to Certified Foodies First Anniversary Giveaway contest.

My love affair with food started a long time ago. I’m not a picky eater when I was a child, I ate chicken feet, balut, fishballs, veggies, etc… My love for food carried on until now, whenever I read some raves of a particular food or resto, I make it a point to taste and experience them. Being a foodie is one expensive hobby I tell you, here in my blog, the food and restaurant reviews written here are unbiased because I wrote them as a paying customer.

So for the love of food, I’m sharing this photo of me feasting on Wingman Buffalo wings! I tried making it at home using McCormick mix, and tried the buffalo wings of other restos but I still go back to Wingman.

Hmmm, let me try the Buffalo Wings recipe from Certified Foodies.

The best way to enjoy food is to eat with your bare hands

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Home-cooked Buffalo Wings

During the Holy Week, we were craving for Wingman but we’re not sure if they are open that time. So I decided to experiment on using the McCormick Buffalo Wings Seasoning Mix I found in our cupboard. One pack contains a breading mixture and another pack for the buffalo sauce to be added after frying.

McCormick's Buffalo Wings Mix

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Wingman at The Collective

The buzz about Wingman from bloggers started last year. But since its location in Makati, I can only jot it down on my “to-visit-restos” list. And finally, I had the chance to go to Makati and included in the itinerary is to pay Wingman at The Collective a visit. We didn’t have a hard time ordering because we already know what to order, wings of course! We ordered for a half dozen of Buffalo Classic first. Come to think of it, serving chicken wings does not require exemplary chef work but we’ll find out what Wingman offers…

Buffalo Classic Php 180

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