Home-cooked Buffalo Wings

During the Holy Week, we were craving for Wingman but we’re not sure if they are open that time. So I decided to experiment on using the McCormick Buffalo Wings Seasoning Mix I found in our cupboard. One pack contains a breading mixture and another pack for the buffalo sauce to be added after frying.

McCormick's Buffalo Wings Mix

There is an instruction included in the package, even a newbie cook can follow it. A pack is good for half-kilo of chicken wings. I was so excited to try this after mixing the buffalo sauce, I expected it to be good so that we won’t go to Wingman anymore.


home-cooked buffalo wings

Was it spicy? Yes very spicy to think that I like spicy food. I can’t taste the flavor of the chicken, all I taste is spicy, spicy and spicy. The spiciness made me want to try to cleanse my system based on some colonetix reviews. And considering my standard for the buffalo wings taste from Wingman, it does not reach that level. My home-cooked buffalo wings was a major fail. I won’t buy this McCormick mix again.


  1. I love spicy foods, pero nabigla ako when I ordered buffalo wings sa Greenwich sobrang anghang talaga. this is a great discovery pede na kami magluto sa bahay ng buffalo wings woohooo


    Badet Reply:

    Naku sobrang anghang din nito. Kasi yung Screamer variant yung nabili ko. Try nyo yung Classic lang.


  2. I love spicy food. I’ll try this one.


  3. i love buffalo wings! but I don’t like spicy food so much… maybe, i’d try the classic one…


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