Easy Spicy Spareribs recipe

Easy Spicy Spareribs  recipe, or should I say very very easy Spicy Spareribs recipe. Thank God for McCormick ready mixes, I can whip up a dish in minutes and in just a few easy steps. A newbie cook can never go wrong I tell you. With the last McCormick ready mix that I tried which is the Buffalo Wings Seasoning Mix, the spiciness level went overboard. This time, the Spicy Spareribs seasoning mix is perfect!

Spicy Spareribs

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Home-cooked Buffalo Wings

During the Holy Week, we were craving for Wingman but we’re not sure if they are open that time. So I decided to experiment on using the McCormick Buffalo Wings Seasoning Mix I found in our cupboard. One pack contains a breading mixture and another pack for the buffalo sauce to be added after frying.

McCormick's Buffalo Wings Mix

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