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The right sportswear can keep you looking good and improve your overall workout performance. Plenty of people have everyday clothes set aside for playing a sport or working out, but your sportswear can be more fashionable and help you perform better. You need the right exercise clothes to get the most from your workout. Check out the following fashionable and functional ideas that you should consider when buying new sportswear.

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Being fashionably fit

Exercise will help get your body looking great, but you want to look good while you are meeting your fitness goals. If you wear unfashionable clothes to exercise then you are not only wearing yourself down with thick fabrics that absorb sweat like a sponge, but you are not keeping up your appearance. Just because you expect to sweat doesn’t mean you have to look messy doing it.

Whether you are going for a jog in your neighborhood, playing a sport with friends, or hitting the gym near your work or home, someone you know is likely to see you. Looking presentable while you sweat is reason enough to choose the right clothes. Keep in mind that plenty of people make new friends in fitness classes. In fact, you might meet your new workout buddy who is sure to help keep you motivated and interested in showing up to work out.

Fitness fashion has been on the rise, so now more than ever before looking fashionable while working out is the norm. In fact, celebrities have rolled out their own fashionable fitness brands recently. You also have to consider that many people wear sportswear in everyday life, which is where the term athleisure comes from. It’s quite common to see someone wearing stylish leggings or yoga pants to a casual brunch or while shopping.

Neutral colors have always been in fashion for sportswear, but gray is the most popular neutral now. Pairing neutrals with neon colors is very much in style. You will hit the gym or field looking energized and feeling ready to get moving when you wear touches of lively bright colors.

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Sportswear with a purpose

While cool new sneakers and slimming sportswear will make you look great and send the right message to anyone around, you also have to remember that they serve a purpose. From helping you get into the right mindset for exercise to keeping you feeling fresh, the right sportswear can make all the difference.

The clothes you wear can set your mood. If you wear comfortable new sportswear in your favorite color, you will start in the right mindset. Research shows that your outfit subconsciously changes how you act. So, choosing the right workout attire will make you feel more confident, focused, and motivated.

Comfort is something that fashionable new sportswear typically has built-in. Look for sportswear that is anti-odor to keep you fresh and moisture-wicking fabrics to keep excess sweat from bringing you down. Compression wear keeps you feeling good during your workout, and can make all the difference in targeted areas.

Choose the right gear for your workout or sport

When you decide to take up a new workout routine, find out what muscles you will be working and what injuries are common for that type of movement or sport. Having the right gear for your needs is important in preventing injuries. You will need items that are designed to help you ease the pain associated with repetitive motion during exercise.

If you decide to start running for example, learn how to prevent the symptoms of an injury called runner’s knee, which is very common and caused by irritation of the cartilage. Remember to protect your lower and upper body to avoid injury. For targeted shoulder support, you will need a shoulder support shirt. This is a must-have clothing item for sports that use your upper body, like boxing and tennis.

Technology has brought new ways to make sportswear better and more comfortable. Multi-functional sportswear is ideal. If you are going to be outdoors, you might like sportswear with built-in sun protection. The best sportswear is anti-odor, moisture-wicking, copper-infused compression wear that is form-fitting for support.

Sportswear should make you look good and should be functional. The right sportswear can make the difference between being weighed down and meeting your fitness goals. You have to admit that looking good while working out is also important given the fashionable options and the fact that being active usually involves getting out and seeing other people. It is important to look good, be comfortable, and protect yourself from injuries while pushing your body to the limits.

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