Technology: Looking After Our Health and Well-being

It’s hard to maintain a healthy diet and a fitness regimen while making sure you’re taking all the right vitamins and minerals when your schedule is so demanding. You shouldn’t be under any illusion that if you don’t look after your body, there wouldn’t be some nasty consequences further down the line.


Maintaining your quality of life becomes more important as you get older and luckily, unless you’re a complete technophobe there are thousands of useful apps that can give you pointers, reminders and vital information on your overall well-being. When it comes to fitness, motivation is the key, and the belief that you can overcome or reach certain goals usually is in sync with having someone or something to drive you on. That’s probably why the app market is flourishing as of this moment, with over 75 million apps being downloaded so far in 2013 according to tech site Mashable – the market place is a lucrative one, to say the least.

And while there is a need for health-related apps, there will be a competitive market. With the CDC reporting alarming statistics for obesity, you can see why so many companies are trying to tap into this market place. Align that with the fact that the smartphone market has never been so prevalent either, with Gaming Realms, the developers responsible for the online entertainment experience Spin Genie Slingo Riches, documenting that currently approximately 17% of the global population is in possession of a smartphone or gadget means that apps are in even more demand than they were 12 months ago.

But how do we know which apps will be suited for our own specific needs?

Through research you’ll usually find a plethora of lists out there, with, for the best part some really useful apps. Add your key words in Google and the chances are you’ll stumble across a list of some sort that will cater for the area of diet or fitness that you’re aiming to rein in or seek guidance on. Stick with some of the leading tech websites or national broadcaster lists and hopefully these should aid you.

Will this help with motivation?

Now this is a hard question. Yes, some apps will attempt to motivate you even in the winter months but like any partnership it only works when both parties are fully committed. PC Mag is renowned for covering some really interesting motivational apps as well as a whole host of generic fitness apps, so keep an eye on its regular list such as the one mentioned.

What are the best apps for reminders?

You’ll find a lot of fitness trackers on Tom’s Guide now gaining a lot of hyperbole especially online, and rightly so. They will give you notifications when you should be working out and will also give you all the vital statistics that you need to know about how to keep your health in-check.

So, if you need little motivation to keep your diet and exercise in check, consider downloading a few health and fitness apps.


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