Reasons why you should invest in fine gold jewelry

So you already have a savings account in a bank, an investment in stock market, or a real estate but still looking for other investments? If you go ask around, you might get plenty of answers to invest in gold jewelries. This is because historical data shows that gold prices increase over time. Gold is becoming valuable over time and will yield more monetary value than the money on your savings account.

If you want to diversify your portfolio and not put your eggs in one basket, then buying gold jewelries is a good option. But first do yourself a favor and assess your savings and investment before deciding whether investing in gold is worth it. I use to quickly calculate how much interest I will earn in a certain amount of time with the amount I have. It’s a great tool without having to recall your accountancy subjects in school.

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After seeing how much your money’s worth, you can now decide if you need another channel for your investment or if you’re happy with your current portfolio. Should you decide to give gold jewelries as investment a try, here’s what I think about it.

Reasons why you should invest in fine gold jewelry

Gold increases value

Gold is one of the precious metals and its value increases over time. The price of gold can also beat inflation as evidenced by the current situation here in the Philippines.

Gold is an investment you can wear

Gold necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are so pretty and make the wearer stand out. It’s an investment piece that does not diminish its value even if it’s already worn or used unlike clothes, bags, or cars. Just a tip though, if you’re buying jewelries for investment purposes, veer away from jewelries with stones such as diamonds or precious stones as it does not hold value especially in the Philippines. If you go to pawnshops, they will just appraise the value of the gold part of your jewelry.

Gold is pawnable

Gold is pawnable and can give you readily available funds in case you need them. Like I mentioned above, to maximize the value, buy gold pieces that are pure metal/gold and does not contain gemstones. Aside from that, invest in 18k gold jewelries because most pawnshops here in the Philippines accept only 18 karats and up.

With those 3 reasons above, I hope this helps you think if investing in gold is for you. Personally, it’s nice to have as an additional investment and consider it for long-term. After all, history doesn’t lie that gold beats inflation.

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