Sakae Sushi: Eat-all-you-can Sushi Buffet

While everybody at SM Mall of Asia went trick-or-treating, we spent it with a sumptuous sushi overload at Sakae Sushi. They have an Eat-all-you-can Sushi Buffet from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm, Php 399 for adults, Php 299 for senior citizens, and Php 199 for kids. Sakae Sushi in Mall of Asia has the longest conveyor belt among its branches and so most likely, it has more sushi selections.

sushi conveyor belt at Sakae Sushi

They have a no left-over/no sharing policy for the sushi buffet. You can also grab whatever sushi plates you fancy and just pay for it according to the number and color of plates you consumed.

Purple plate – Php 39

Yellow plate – Php 59

Green plate – Php 79

Red plate – Php 99

If you want to be the first to get hold of sushi coming from sushi haven (the kitchen), you might want to sit at the nearest spot where the sushi comes out.

bottomless green tea and miso soup

The sushi buffet comes with a miso soup and bottomless green tea. I love their green tea as it cuts the saltiness and the wasabi taste, cleans the palate for more sushi!

Gyuniku Ramen

Gyuniku Ramen, Php 289, is good for 2 to 3 persons. I love how it has a generous serving of beef and veggies and also has a flavorful broth.

Check out the other ramen places I’ve tried:

sakae sushi

I finished with 9 plates. The verdict, well, Sakae Sushi is not exceptional, but what I enjoyed is their conveyor belt that made me feast my eyes on different kind of sushi. One sushi is quite a mouthful, they should downsize it so that it’s easier to eat. The sushi toppings are all delicious but the servings is like 75% rice making you full faster than you think so better be careful on picking up those sushi plates especially when you’re availing of the buffet.

Sakae Sushi

2nd level, Mall of Asia


  1. Wow, I always wanted to dine conveyor belt style, I already told BF about this and hopefully we’ll dine there soon. Thanks for the tips Badet! 🙂


  2. I tried their sushi buffet before with my bf and his smart tel friends at MOA. its super sulit and I was so full. I always get the red plate para masulit ko tlga un eat-all-you can sushi! ^_^


  3. hi Badet!

    wow! there’s this popular sushi bar where we used to live. it would be really nice to bring you there when you visit someday…
    people line up outside just to wait for their turn. but i never really paid attention to it. i would just pass by the bar everyday.. because i also hate the sight of the drunk elder korean men and women walking hand in hand, LOL!!!

    it would be really nice to go out, enjoy something like this wiht someone who loves it too.. Alex is not that adventurous when it comes to food.. he is among those korean people who think that korean food is the only nutritious food in the whole wide world.. LOL!!!!


  4. try namin kumain dyan 🙂 pinakita ko to ke john…affordable naman kaya approved!..nakakatuwa 🙂
    naeexcite ako kumain dyan:) ganda pa ng pix 🙂


  5. not a fan, but since you mentioned the ramen is good – will reconsider sakae =)


  6. On my next visit to MOA, I’d be sure to drop by and have some sushi. Though I might pass on the buffet. It would be a big problem walking out of there with an empty wallet. 😛


  7. Sarap naman…I love sushi….but I’d never been to a sushi buffet. And the conveyor belt is a little something….but it’s quite strange….why serve the food like a mass-production conveyor bel?


  8. Haven’t tasted a sushi pa kaya I really want to try this one!


  9. There’s a similar restaurants like this in Korea,
    one thing that I don’t like is that you think
    it’s cheap but once you start eating…. and look
    at the bill, you had more than you expected…

    I would love to try the ramen 😛


  10. I love Japanese food! Can’t wait to try this one ;’)) I get all psyched when I know it’s gonna be my first time to try this or that.. And with this.. the conveyor belt sounds fun.. haven’t seen one kasi ;’)) hahaha.. thanks for the entry ;’)


  11. Oh I miss eating sushi! We love eating at Sakae Sushi in Singapore. Good to know that there’s also one here in Manila.


  12. We always seat near the kitchen to get hold first of the sushi coming out of the kitchen, LOL. They also have chicken skin which I like very much! 🙂


    Badet Reply:

    Chicken skin? Haven’t seen one when we dined there =(


  13. wow.. i haven’t tried that one.. i’ll try that this 2011.

    i’m just new in blogging hope i could get your comments..:) thanks



  1. badet says:

    shares (Sakae Sushi Eat-all-you-can sushi buffet)

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