Top 5 Free Online Games to Play

This long weekend when kids are on vacation as well as adults, it’s the perfect time to unwind from school or office work. Some would go out, go to the mall or out of town but for some, just staying at home is the way to go. You can still unwind while at home by reading a book, watching Kdramas, or doing other hobbies.

To add more fun and adventure while at home, why not try these free online games at Here are some of my picks that will be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.



I used to go to to play this word game but the problem is the site is only limited to one game. At, there are a plethora of FREE games to choose from including Wordmeister that is very similar to Scrabble. I like the option that I get to play with an opponent, it challenges my vocabulary.

Alan’s Pizzeria Online Game

Pizza game

The aim of this game is to make pizza according to customer demands. Meet the daily quota of tips from customers before the day ends. This is a really really fun game for kids and adults. I spent hours playing this, you might end up ordering pizza after this game hahaha.

Snakes & Ladders

Snakes and ladders

Who wouldn’t be familiar with this classic game? This is a popular game since time immemorial. What I like about this online game is you can play against the computer or among your friends.

Daily Word Search

Daily Word Search

There will be words on the left side that you will search. You can choose the size of the grid size as well as the game’s language. It’s a nice game to broaden one’s vocabulary as well as your detective powers. What’s even better is that you can print a copy so that you can answer it on paper.



This is a strategy game that will make one think. The cute colors are very appealing to the eyes and doesn’t make the game boring at all. This game is mobile-friendly so you can play it on your phones.

These are my top 5 games and I hope you liked my choices. I like them because not only it kills boredom but also stimulates the mind. Let me know in the comments section what games you’ve tried.

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