Ramen Yushoken at Molito, Alabang

I think I found my new number one ramen joint, and even if it’s a long drive down South, the comforting bowl of their ramen is worth it.

No Western utensils, use your chopsticks

We were too early for a wedding last Saturday so we decided to have brunch at Molito in Alabang. I’ve heard about this not-so-secret ramen place were they only serve limited bowls of ramen per day, it’s Ramen Yushoken, just beside Omakase.

We were in front of the restaurant at around 10:30 and the sign says they open at 11 am, but the staff let us in so we’ll be comfortable while waiting for them to start serving.

This little girl is their first customer of the day!

Their placemats is also their menu, I like that it’s easier to choose because there are only a few choices. And for a ramen place, you don’t go look for something else right?

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We had Shoyu Ramen, Salty Pork Bone Ramen with Shoyu and drizzled with Mayu (roasted garlic oil) with our freshly made noodles. Topped with Chashu, Bamboo Shoots, Black Fungus, Sesame seeds and Spring Onions.

Shoyu Ramen, Php 350

Shoyu Ramen is Jeff’s order, it must be good he forgot to offer me this to try, lol! Seriously, Jeff’s into customizing his meal, adding a dash of pepper here, a drop of chili oil, etc, but in this case, he ate this bowl of ramen in its pure form. He said it didn’t require any additional seasoning because the broth is flavorful.

Miso Ramen, Php 380

Miso is soy-bean paste, and in Yushoken, they blend 7 different kinds of miso mixed with tonkotsu broth to get that rich, flavorful and complex broth. On top of the noodles is a layer of ground pork, bean sprouts and cubed chashu. Their chashu is the best I’ve tried! Tender and packs a lot of flavor. The noodles are firm and chewy, just the way I like it.

My fave side-dish whenever I have my ramen, Tamago.

Aji Tamago, Php 80

Ramen Yushoken is now on the top of my list of ramen places, and with the line outside the place just after we finished our bowls, I reckon Southern peeps also found their best ramen yet.


  1. Oh My G! that makes me to crave for a Japanese dish! It’s like they have same noodles of Mitsuyado! Yum yum yum!


  2. Everything looks so good! Sayang sobrang layo from where I live and work, I hope they expand to somewhere nearer. 🙂


  3. lapit lang sa’min 🙂 we will check this store pag nakadaan ng Alabang


  4. Aww.. Ramen Yushoken has been on my bucket list, but it’s so far from my place since I’ll be coming from the north pa 🙁 Maybe when I have something to do in the south, I’ll drop by Ramen Yushoken to finally give it a try.


  5. OMG they all look so good!


  6. Looks good. I also like tamago in my ramen. As in all the time, same with the other noodles I eat. Haha. How’s the serving size sis? Ideally ata, it’s for one lang ano. 🙂


    Badet Reply:

    Good for one lang sis. At Ramen Yushoken, they discourage sharing of ramen, parang as a courtesy to the chef or some etiquette.



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