Celebrate National Eczema Awareness Month with Aveeno at Shopee

Eczema is a type of skin condition that cause the skin to become red, itchy, and inflamed. The most common form of eczema is called Atopic Dermatitis. Eczema can appear anywhere on the body but in adults it is usually seen on the neck, upper arms and back, elbow and knee creases, and back of the hands, feet, fingers and toes. The skin around the eyes, including eyelids, may also be affected.

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Eczema Symptoms

The most common symptom of eczema is itch. Here are the other symptoms to look out for:

  • Itchiness
  • Dry, sensitive skin
  • Inflamed, discolored skin
  • Rough, leathery, or scaly patches of skin
  • Oozing or crusting

While there is no cure, eczema can be managed by identifying and avoiding the things that cause flareups and establishing a daily skin care routine.

Treatment of Eczema

Goals of treatment include relieving itch and hydrating to help restore the skin moisture barrier. Gentle skin care and liberal use of moisturizers are considered first-line therapy for management of eczema. So even when you are not experiencing a flare, basic management including trigger avoidance and moisturization is essential.

Experts advise using a moisturizer with colloidal oatmeal, such as Aveeno Dermexa products, these are clinically proven to help relieve the itching and irritation of eczema. Colloidal oatmeal is the only skin protectant ingredient FDA-approved for the treatment of eczema.

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October is National Ezcema Awareness Month and Aveeno is treating us with up to 30% off when you buy at the Aveeno Shopee Official Store.

Aveeno Dermexa Daily Emollient Body Wash

Gently cleanses without drying and leaving skin feeling soothed with moisture Formulated with Prebiotic Colloidal Oatmeal and Ceramides that help restore and strengthen the skin barrier. No added parabens.

Aveeno Dermexa Daily Emollient Cream 

Moisturizes, soothes and helps strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. Unscented, paraben-free, and fast-absorbing formula with prebiotic Triple Oat Complex and Ceramides.

My personal favorite is the Aveeno Dermexa Daily Emollient Cream. I have eczema on my left foot, whenever I eat some foods that trigger my ezcema, I can feel my skin on my left foot is starting to itch and skin becomes dry. I will just apply the emollient cream for a few days and it will disappear.

Having eczema is uncomfortable and to some people can lower their self-esteem. I’m glad that there’s Aveeno to give relief, take advantage of the big discounts on Aveeno’s Official Store on Shopee Philippines.

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