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Do you get paranoid that airport staffs and customs officers peek into our checked-in luggages/bags and sometimes steal important belongings? I do, this is the reason why it keeps me from buying high-ticket items and bringing it here because aside from paying taxes from the customs, I’m afraid it might get lost in transit too. I’ve read about stories that their luggages have been slashed and airport authorities just can’t point on who’s responsible for that.

Well, now there’s a solution, Protectabag. I saw this at the NAIA Terminal 3 just beside the Travel Tax payment counter. They will wrap your luggage/boxes with cling wrap generously.

protectabag in NAIA

Can Protectabag ward off those #laglagbala syndicate in NAIA?

Nice and secure! Rates start at Php 160 per luggage (Price as of 2011).

UPDATE (November 4, 2015)

With the #laglagbala modus operandi in NAIA all over the news, I think this Protectabag is making a killing with its earnings now. But better spend a few hundreds than being victimized by this scheme.


  1. Hi Badeth,

    What a nice blog…ito pala ang isa sa mg hobby mo…I like it. how are you? this is raquel your co-worker on tastebook.


    Badet Reply:

    Hi sis,

    yup, I write too =) Kamusta na?


  2. Ok naman ako, still working online (tastebook)…Mahilig akong magbasa ng mga blog kaya expect mo na akong maging reader ng blog mo…can I have your new email add?..kasi I think yung dati mong email eh na hacked. Kasi kung anu ano ang pinapadala sa akin he he he . I want to send private message.


    Badet Reply:

    Raquel, gamit ko pa rin naman yung same email add. Di ko nga alam kung bakit pati ako nakakareceive ng mga spam emails eh.


  3. I’d been traveling internationally since I was 16 but I never heard of this except here in the Philippines. I mean I don’t hear airport staff from other airports slashing and stealing your stuff in checked in baggages. I heard Filipino customs do this. But when I got to NAIA Arrival, I never encountered this but now I’m warned …thanks.
    But thanks for this tip and that tip about smelly dirty underwear…..hahahah.


    Badet Reply:

    Yes Bingkee, I also traveled from other countries and they don’t check luggages there because nobody attempts to steal. Unfortunately, it’s the other way around in the Philippines and we have to resort to using wraps just to protect luggages.
    The underwear thing is disgusting, I know, but if that’s what it takes to save me from customs, I’ll do it, haha…



  1. […] were slashed and the thieves stole some items inside, hence, at the NAIA Terminal 3, there’s Protectabag offered as a solution. Another luggage horror story is lost luggage. It’s such a hassle that […]

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