What Every On-The-Go Professional Needs

If you’re a traveling professional, your packing process and itineraries are probably pretty streamlined. You’ve signed up for TSA pre-check, your schedule is packed, and your year is spent mostly at 30,000+ feet. But if you want to take your travel efficiency to the next level and make the most out of every business trip, you’re in the right place! We’ve got some helpful tips and tricks for every on-the-go professional. Read on for the top items you should have on your packing list as well as travel tips to promote you to expert jetsetter in a flash.

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Protect your belongings with Protectabag

Do you get paranoid that airport staffs and customs officers peek into our checked-in luggages/bags and sometimes steal important belongings? I do, this is the reason why it keeps me from buying high-ticket items and bringing it here because aside from paying taxes from the customs, I’m afraid it might get lost in transit too. I’ve read about stories that their luggages have been slashed and airport authorities just can’t point on who’s responsible for that.

Well, now there’s a solution, Protectabag. I saw this at the NAIA Terminal 3 just beside the Travel Tax payment counter. They will wrap your luggage/boxes with cling wrap generously.

protectabag in NAIA

Can Protectabag ward off those #laglagbala syndicate in NAIA?

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