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When we travel, we try to pack as light as possible. But traveling with a toddler, it’s sometimes a challenge to pack light especially when we literally bring the house. We pack extra set of clothes, diapers, milk, feeding bottles, medicines, some books and toys to keep her occupied during the travel and a sterilizer! The result, excess baggage, or sometimes, we have to carry two big bags instead of one. At the airport, it’s difficult to maneuver two big luggage and carrying a toddler at the same time, and to make it worse, you’re rushing because you have a plane to catch.

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Here in the Philippines, there are plenty of luggage horror stories. Some discovered that their bags were slashed and the thieves stole some items inside, hence, at the NAIA Terminal 3, there’s Protectabag offered as a solution. Another luggage horror story is lost luggage. It’s such a hassle that you packed your clothes carefully and nicely inside your suitcase in preparation for your trip only to find out that it is lost and you have nothing to wear on your destination. I have a friend who experienced this on their family trip to Hong Kong, this particular airline spoiled their family trip because the airline lost their suitcase. The airline paid for the lost bags but still, their treasured valuables and personal items were all gone. On the bright side, they got to shop in HK.

FACT: The Air Transport Users Council (AUC), which says 42 million bags were mishandled by airlines worldwide in 2007, of which approximately 1.2 millions were never found.

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Protect your belongings with Protectabag

Do you get paranoid that airport staffs and customs officers peek into our checked-in luggages/bags and sometimes steal important belongings? I do, this is the reason why it keeps me from buying high-ticket items and bringing it here because aside from paying taxes from the customs, I’m afraid it might get lost in transit too. I’ve read about stories that their luggages have been slashed and airport authorities just can’t point on who’s responsible for that.

Well, now there’s a solution, Protectabag. I saw this at the NAIA Terminal 3 just beside the Travel Tax payment counter. They will wrap your luggage/boxes with cling wrap generously.

protectabag in NAIA

Can Protectabag ward off those #laglagbala syndicate in NAIA?

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Stranded at NAIA Terminal 3 for 15hours due to typhoon Ondoy

September 26, 2009, Saturday, we went to NAIA Terminal 3 at 9 am to fetch my mother who’s arriving from Kalibo, Aklan. On our way to the airport around 8 am, it was already raining hard and some roads going to the airport were starting to get flooded but still passable. At 10:27 am, Cebu Pacific flight 5J 332 arrived and minutes later, we’re all ready to go home to Caloocan. From NAIA Terminal 3, we will go to Airport Road, Domestic Road, MIA Road and Macapagal Avenue to get to Caloocan. It’s 11 am when we left the airport and the situation inside is still peaceful.

inside the NAIA Terminal 3, 9 am
inside the NAIA Terminal 3, 9 am

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