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We finally found another nanny, let’s call her Yaya #3. She’s from Mindanao and she was referred to us by my SIL. I have to accept the reality that there will be no perfect yaya, just like this new one, she already committed some booboos in just a week.

Aside from discussing her duties as a yaya, we also tackled her salary issues. She already asked if she can get half of her salary to be left to her kids, I already agreed to that and I just talked to her how we will deduct her transportation fee and salary advances. In the end, she’s thankful that I gave her easy personal loans, I just hope that she’ll pay it back by taking care of Gwen. =)


  1. Finding a yaya or even a maid is getting harder these days. I remember my childhood days where we have 2 household help, a yaya and a maid. And even a driver. Those days where much more easier. And the household helper are much more nicer and would stay with you for a longer time. I guess more household helper would rather choose working abroad than here. That’s why it’s hard to find a good one these days.


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