Money matters

We finally found another nanny, let’s call her Yaya #3. She’s from Mindanao and she was referred to us by my SIL. I have to accept the reality that there will be no perfect yaya, just like this new one, she already committed some booboos in just a week.

Aside from discussing her duties as a yaya, we also tackled her salary issues. She already asked if she can get half of her salary to be left to her kids, I already agreed to that and I just talked to her how we will deduct her transportation fee and salary advances. In the end, she’s thankful that I gave her easy personal loans, I just hope that she’ll pay it back by taking care of Gwen. =)


I’m troubled again because Gwen’s yaya left yesterday, she left because her 1-year-old daughter is sick and her husband wants her home. I’m sad because she left when I’m about to go back to work, besides, she’s very nice and takes care of Gwen patiently. What’s more troubling is that the other helpers referred to us before already got their jobs and none left for poor Gwen.

I have dozens of blog posts, I hope Gwen behaves now and sleeps through the night so that I don’t have to worry on how to get rid of dark circles under my eyes.

I’ll try my very best to work on my HK posts.

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