How to teach kids about money through games

Using games is a clever and fun way to teach kids about money. Nowadays, the earlier we teach kids about the value of money, how to earn it and how to save and grow their money, the better. Of course, we start with basic concepts that they can grasp. Simple addition and subtraction is a good start.

piggy bank

Good thing there are money games online that make money lessons for kids entertaining. After all, studies prove that kids learn through play and this also applies to financial education of kids. As parents, we should also guide our kids while playing. I also tried the games myself and here are our recommendations.

Top Money Games for Kids

Grocery Cashier

grocery cashier game

Kids love going to the grocery so kids will find this very entertaining. But for this Grocery Cashier game, it involves familiarization of numbers by typing the amounts in a virtual cash register. It teaches kids about subtraction and addition.

LEGO City Adventures Build And Protect

Lego games

LEGO City Adventures Build And Protect is for kids who are crazy about LEGO! And this is really a super fun game that even myself enjoyed playing it. If your kids love playing simulation games, then this is the game for them. They will construct buildings and basically run a city because kids also need to put out fires and stop burglaries. The money part… kids will learn that by building a city they can collect taxes which can be used to run and manage the city.


stocks game

Stocks game is ideal for older kids if we want to teach them how to grow their money. I was already an adult when I learned about stocks. Had I known it earlier, I could have put some of my money to earn more interest. By introducing kids to stock market, we are teaching them in diversifying their money or investments and there are plenty of options for their money to grow.

Coffee Shop

coffee shop games

Aside from earning money through employment, we should also teach kids about starting their own business. This way, they can earn money and give chance to others to earn money by employing them in your own business. We chose this Coffee Shop game since our family loves going to coffee shops. This simulation game teaches kids about setting up their business, managing inventories and marketing skills.

I hope you find our top money games helpful in narrowing your choices. Our children will thank us later in their lives for teaching them about money skills that will soon be their weapon in life.

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