Kojie San Kojic Acid and Dream White soaps – a review

I think my skin is getting immune on my current whitening soaps that’s why I need to switch brands. Here’s a story on why I discovered Kojie San Kojic Acid soap. I noticed that our helper’s skin lightened, she has been with us for just around 3 months. She’s from the province and her skin is not that fair. So I was surprised that her skin lightened, of course, I have to ask her what soap she uses. She said Kojie San Kojic Acid Soap. I then bought Kojie San soaps come the next day because it’s already proven effective by our helper, :p

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Kojie San Dream White and Kojic Acid soaps

At the grocery, I also saw their Dream White soap, it has collagen which is considered an anti-aging soap. Our helper has the Kojic Acid soap.

Kojie San Kojic Acid soap

I already used both soaps, both give a good lather and does not melt easily. But when it comes to whitening effect, the Kojic Acid soap is the most effective. I used this on my face and body and my skin did lightened. I never had break outs on my face too. There’s a stinging sensation on the first few days of use and when left on your skin longer. One downside is that it made my skin dry and itchy. I just apply lotion and moisturizer afterwards.

Kojie San Dream White soap

I picked up the Dream White Anti-aging soap because I’m a sucker for anything “anti-aging”. I also noticed a lightening effect while using this but not as fast and visible as the Kojic Acid soap.

Both soaps are affordable and they come in promo boxes with 2 or 3 soaps in it. The Php 60 Dream White has 2 soaps, Kojic Acid is Php 50 with 2 soaps.


  1. i should prolly want to try this again but the anti aging one haha i tried their whitening long back years before i went to live in other country! nice review!


  2. matagal ko ng pinakawalan ang pangarap na maging kulay sutla haha pero na try mo na ung tinda nila Mauie? mukhang effective at in demand sa market 🙂


  3. Magpapa-puti rin ako… bibili nga ako sayo ng sabon.


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