Kojie San Kojic Acid and Dream White soaps – a review

I think my skin is getting immune on my current whitening soaps that’s why I need to switch brands. Here’s a story on why I discovered Kojie San Kojic Acid soap. I noticed that our helper’s skin lightened, she has been with us for just around 3 months. She’s from the province and her skin is not that fair. So I was surprised that her skin lightened, of course, I have to ask her what soap she uses. She said Kojie San Kojic Acid Soap. I then bought Kojie San soaps come the next day because it’s already proven effective by our helper, :p

Read more about the other whitening  soap I tried: Mestiza Skin Whitening Soap

Kojie San Dream White and Kojic Acid soaps

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Mestiza Skin Whitening Soap – a review

Summer is over and rainy days are here! I’m sure most of us became toasted and burnt from our beach escapades. The change of season also means changing or altering some beauty routines. Some change their moisturizers, body lotion, lip balms, etc. for a more moisturizing variety because this weather can make our skin dry. For me, it’s the start of making my skin a bit lighter (para lang bumalik sa dati yung kulay ko).  Hence, I bought Mestiza soap (Php 45). I used this even before but wasn’t able to make a review.

Mestiza soap, 120 g, around Php 52

Buy Mestiza Skin Whitening Soap in Lazada: https://c.lazada.com.ph/t/c.YqW2xb

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