Hong Kong hiking with Minute Maid

I read about the Minute Maid contest from pinoyfood.nimrodel.net, I’m so excited to join since not only I’m a Minute Maid Pulpy Orange drinker but also, I really really had an unforgettable moment with Minute Maid. During our HK vacation last year, we decided to hike some of their trails, one of them is the Lantau Peak. I researched for it before leaving the country but I didn’t list down all the details about the description of the trail, distance, etc… At the back of my mind, I was expecting that hiking won’t push through because who would spend an entire day on top of the mountain of a different country when we could roam around the various tourist attractions and shopping malls, right? But I was wrong, Jeff really looked forward to the hiking part so off we go hiking.

start of Lantau Peak's trail

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