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I joined Dneero after reading some blogs that they did get to earn from this site. It’s very easy, you just have to answer questions and it won’t take time. Post in your blog for your readers to also join the conversation. It’s very similar to what others do in their blogs, Friendster and Multiply wherein they get tagged and they answer those memes. But this time, you get paid every time you answer.

So guys, please take time to answer this Home Computer Security topic:


  1. s d n e w says

    hay naku sis, I got tired of it, plus I am having problems with my paypal account, I still have 35 dollars pa nga dun eh… pero para kseng ayoko magbigay ng credit card, eh sabi kse sakin, iwe-waive nila yung block ng receving and sending of payments kung mag bigay ako credit card, have you tried it na? hmmm.. I’m still having doubts..


  2. Ahhh! Big problem guys! Just as soon as I got my .com I completely lost it! All because Mommy Ruby and I were experimenting around with the blogger accounts. Anyway, we could not solve it ourselves so we had to purchase another domain for me. So I am now http://www.betterthanezrah.org which was what I was supposedly going to get but clicked the wrong button instead. So this turned out to be a good thing for me. But unfortunately, you guys need to update my URL link again. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

    Please change http://www.betterthanezrah.com to http://www.betterthanezrah.org with blog title Deranged Insanity.


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